Crypto Code Vs. The Plan: Which Trading Bot Course Is Still Worth It In 2024?

Jan 17, 2024

Thinking of taking either Joel Peterson’s The Crypto Code or Dan Hollings’ The Plan? Wondering if they still hold up in 2024? Independent publication The Asset Gardener has the answer.

Back then, when you wanted to apply automation to your trading strategy, there were two training programs that never failed to appear in the conversation: Joel Peterson’s The Crypto Code and Dan Hollings’ The Plan. But that was then, and we’re now in 2024. Are these programs still the best choices for a crypto landscape that’s hardly recognizable, now that advanced AI is taking over?

For crypto publication The Asset Gardener, the short answer is yes. And the longer version of the answer can be found in its hands-on review of the two crypto automation programs that changed the way people trade. Access the full review now at or keep reading to know more!

What to expect

The article contains an outline summarizing the main features of both programs. The author also provides details on the unique aspects of each course, such as the “secret algorithm” that is exclusive only to the Crypto Code.

Also covered is the perceived drawback of The Plan and The Crypto Code. For instance, The Asset Gardener expressed concerns about the latter’s undisclosed algorithm, which might be an issue for you if you’re big on transparency. The Plan, on the other hand, was deemed as more complex owing to its semi-automatic nature—something to think about if you’re not the technical type and are not a fan of manually keeping track of trading bots.

“If you're looking for a fully automated program that promises daily profits, then The Crypto Code may be a good option for you,” The Asset Gardener explained. “However, if you are more comfortable with a semi-automated program that requires some user input, then The Plan may be a better choice.”

Prior to publishing, both training programs were used extensively, allowing the Asset Gardener team to fully assess their advantages and drawbacks.

You can access a video version of this review at

Do your due diligence

If you're planning to enroll in either Dan's or Joel's course, The Asset Gardener insists that you conduct additional due diligence before making a decision. It also warns of scams, as copycat courses have proliferated in the market since these two were launched years ago.

If you need help identifying the genuine one or if you want to be added to The Plan's waitlist, this article has all the info you need.

About the Publication

The Asset Gardener is the brainchild of Ross Hudson, an online business owner, affiliate marketer, and active crypto trader. In addition to crypto, the site publishes informative pieces on affiliate marketing, marketing, real estate, and, occasionally, health.

“There are tell-tale signs that the dreaded ‘crypto winter’ is finally over, and people are looking to get back into the scene or entering it for the first time,” Ross said. “It’s natural for these people to explore programs that promise to improve their earnings, so we’ve released this review of the two most popular training courses in the market to help them make the best decision.”

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