Create Your Custom Goodyear Welt Men’s Shoe With Top Luxury Footwear Designer

Nov 23, 2022

Robert August has the finest luxury leather European-made Goodyear Welt men’s dress shoes in the US. Plus, each of their new styles can be customized to your taste.

Create Your Custom Goodyear Welt Men's Shoe With Top Luxury Footwear Designer

If you’re going to purchase just one pair of shoes this year, make it a Goodyear Welt dress shoe from Robert August.

The retailer is proud to be offering you a new range of styles made in the Goodyear Welt fashion, which has long been considered the gold standard in men’s footwear. In their new Goodyear Welt collection, Robert August has an array of premium leather Wholecut Oxford, Brogue, Derby and Double Monk men’s shoes, which have all been crafted in Europe and which can all be customized to your taste.

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The launch of their new collection coincides with a recent article called ‘Goodyear Welt: Why It’s Worth The Investment’ from Florsheim, one of the world’s largest and most trusted names in high-quality footwear. As their footwear experts explained, the Goodyear Welt style promises you a more waterproof shoe, a greater comfort level as it is better able to mold to your foot, and an increased possibility to be re-soled and repaired down the line, making it, overall, far better quality than any competing style.

If you are not familiar with what makes the Goodyear Welt distinction, it involves stitching the upper leather, lining leather, and welt together, a welt being a separate piece of leather joined to the ribbing that is bonded to the insole. Then, the welt is stitched to the leather sole and acts as both a barrier and a cushion between the upper and sole of the shoe.

Like Florsheim, Robert August believes that this traditional shoemaking technique is superior. Additionally, they want to assure you that all of their new Goodyear Welt men’s shoes are handmade in their boutique artisan factory in Almansa, Spain. The town has been in the business of handcrafted men’s shoes since the 18th century.

Because all of their shoes are strictly handmade, this means that Robert August can also offer you full customization.

For example, if you pick their popular new The Armitage Ave. Derby No. 5547 – Artisan Hand Patina Finish, you can opt to purchase the shoe in its core style; made from a brown calf leather upper and dark red leather sole, with a Zurigo rounded traditional toe. Or you can customize the elegant new Derby and choose black, taupe, burgundy or deep forest green leather, or another color you prefer, and distinct sole and lace styles.

Robert August is proud to be retailing the finest European made and styled shoes to customers like yourself all across the United States.

A spokesperson for the luxury shoe manufacturer said, “When you wear Robert August shoes, you can be confident that your style will be on point. Our leathers come from only the finest tanneries in Italy, Germany, and Spain, and our fabrics come from the most prestigious mills in Italy, France, and Belgium. Our craftsmen have generations of knowledge and skill to create an exceptional pair of shoes unique to you.”

Step out in style this winter with a custom Goodyear Welt dress shoe.

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