Cradock SA Agricultural Innovators Help Farmers Profit From Dwarf Fruit Trees

Feb 22, 2021

As the effects of climate change become more apparent, the work of a farmer becomes harder. That’s why Cradock, South Africa based Amali Farming Enterprise have launched a new innovative dwarf fruit tree investment project.

Food security and land sustainability are two of the greatest challenges which lie ahead. As such Amali Farming Enterprise wants to bring together farmers, investors, and communities with their new dwarf fruit tree farming model.

Amali Farming Enterprise (Pty) Ltd, a growing agricultural firm and farming innovator based in Cradock, situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, are now sharing their dwarf fruit tree propagation model with interested farmers and farming investors, such as yourself, who want to improve land management and profitability.

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The announcement coincides with the ongoing challenges presented to South African agriculturists and farmers by climate change, in which land overuse has compounded problems such as desertification, soil erosion, and increasing salinity.

As arable land diminishes it is essential that its use is maximized. As such, Amali Farming Enterprise has developed its unique dwarf fruit tree project as a way to utilize available land both more responsibly and profitably.

In particular, Amali has developed this initiative to both respond to the perils of climate change and as a commercial scale investment opportunity for farmers.

Given that South African farmers are predominately individual, with individualized land ownership, you often lack the advantage of collaborative negotiation and reserve capital. As such, you are also more vulnerable to environmental and market changes.

So too have many interested investors previously been barred from the industry due to conventional farming models. In this way, Amali Farming Enterprise (Pty) Ltd has developed their new dwarf trees commercial-scale projects to allow for both farmland investment and value chain investment in a way that mutually benefits both parties.

By developing this initiative where dwarf fruit trees are grown and processed collaboratively, Amali believes they can improve efficiency and profitability for all parties involved, whilst minimizing land waste and conserving water.

Amali Farming Enterprise (Pty) Ltd was founded by a group of passionate agriculturalists with the motto of growing together. They are striving to become a modern and innovative force in South Africa’s traditional agricultural world, recognizing the challenges that lie ahead with both population growth and climate change.

A spokesperson said of their dwarf fruit tree investment project, “We envision a future of robust collaborative farming, in conjunction with investors; supporting market globalization by the production of healthy food in a responsible, sustainable, and secure manner, that results in the creation of wealth to all participating parties, improving quality of life for their families, their employees, and communities.”

Amali understands that there are a significant need and opportunity for farmland investment in South Africa, as well as a significant danger to not modernizing and adapting farming practices. Let them help you do your part for the environment and your community while enhancing your profits.

If you would like to learn more about this unique dwarf fruit tree investment project visit the website above today.

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