Invest In This Sustainable Farming Programme For Green Agriculture Solutions

Nov 29, 2020

If you’re looking to help support sustainable farming and protect the environment, this programme is the ideal choice! Learn all about it now and help tackle the issue of population growth and climate change.

Do you want to help protect the planet, create sustainable farming, and reduce the impact of climate change? You can get involved in this new program today!

A new collaborative farming program has been launched focusing on modern, responsible agriculture to help tackle the issue of population growth with arable land and climate change. Amali Farming Enterprise offers various services and aims to bring together investors, farmers and stakeholders to help create a sustainable, responsible and secure way of producing food.

The new collaborative farming program strives to help create a responsible wealth of farmers, investors and participants which will also result in a better environment and livelihood of humans.

The company aims to bring together farmers alongside investors and stakeholders supporting lateral and vertical methodology development to help towards producing healthy, sustainable and responsible food in a secure manner.

You will find that Amali Farming Enterprise offers a wide range of services in order to address the gaps of knowledge and skillset in farm productivity. The company implements a variety of tools such as ABET, Agri SETA Learner Ships, Internships and on-the-job training programs.

In addition to this, Amali Farming Enterprises offers advisory services, whereby the company ensures that tree owners implement the correct management practices. These correct practices help to improve the environment, utilizing the full potential of the land and water. This also improves the wellbeing of trees, and improves the profitability of the farming operation.

Amali Farming Enterprises also offers you management services. These management services help to monitor and evaluate all aspects of the enterprises, creating and implementing an integrated management program on each unit for optimum production. A financial plan can be implemented with comparative figures between units to provide control for all units to operate at the same level.

Trees that are grown in this way create the opportunity to sell products including fruits and nuts, processed products from fruits and nuts, fruit and nut trees for landscaping and homeowners, lease of land opportunity and trees for investors implementing crowd farming.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Amali Farming Enterprise has set itself a target to produce healthy food using advanced natural technology. We strongly believe that nature knows best. We work with nature, using nature’s rules to produce a high production dwarf food trees.”

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