Cost of Roof Treatment – Roof Coating & Cleaning

Nov 11, 2022

Why Re-Roof when You Can Simply Repair and Save $1,000’s? We will talk you through the entire process and help you understand what you are getting.

Cost of Roof Treatment - Roof Coating & Cleaning

The roof is the primary visual focal point of the house and plays a vital role in how the house is perceived. A well maintained, beautifully painted roof will add to the value of the Palmerston North home or business and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Roofs also provides the ultimate protection for the home or business, so it is crucial to keep it in good shape. While restoring and cleaning the roof is important, a top-quality paint coat can increase the longevity of the home. To see why simply visit:

So what is the average cost of roof treatment in Palmy?

Firstly assess the project scope by paying an on-site visit. Roof Painting Palmerston North dedicated tradesman will do a walk around the house to determine what kind of work is needed to start the painting process.

Roof Painting Palmerston North believe that there’s no point of painting the roof if it is not properly cleaned and prepped.

Their professionals will evaluate the status of the roof and recommend the best ways of approaching the painting project. No two roofs are alike, and cleaning requirements for different roofs might differ from house to house.

While it’s tempting to kick-start the project, however when it comes to the cost of roof treatment Roof Painting Palmerston North always advise leaving the cleaning and prepping the roof to the trained professionals. There are critical safety procedures in place, and they should not be taken lightly.

Second, once the roof is all prepped and cleaned, it’s time to start painting!

How much does roof painting cost?

An average roof costs between $1900 - $3,400 and is approximately 100 square metres. An average cost estimate for painting a medium-sized roof in Palmy is between $3,200 and $5,000.

Roof/house size

Average cost estimate

Small houses $1,900 to $3,400 + GST

Mid-size houses $3,200 to $5,000 + GST

Large houses $4,470 to $7,000 + GST

Note: price does not include scaffolding or cost of repairs. That is why Roof Painting Palmerston North offer a complimentary free and no obligation quote

The cost of roof treatment including painting and restoration depends on the size and current condition of the roof. Like most painting tasks, quality can vary greatly based on the type of material and experience of the trades person.

Most types of roofs can be painted, such as:

Tile roofs,

Concrete roofs,

Coloursteel or other metal roofs.

Looking to get a cost of roof treatment estimate? Then request a visit from Roof Painting Palmerston North.

A colour consultation includes:

Cost of roof treatment Professional advice on colour selection and design for the home

Free on-site project appraisal based on needs

Plan of action/ proposal for the project

And get all concerns and questions answered with no obligations

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