Content Marketing in the eCommerce space: Honour Media Marketing Agency Launch

Feb 18, 2021

Are you looking for the best eCommerce marketing strategies to amplify your business growth? From optimizing your product pricing, shipping and inventory management to tracking and performance analytics, we will get you closer to scale up your eCommerce business. Visit for more!

One of the most significant drivers of in-store purchases is messaging around discounts, promotions, and sales. With advertising currently accounting for over 60% of marketing budgets, Experiential Messenger Marketing (or Conversational Messenger Marketing) is revolutionizing how eCommerce businesses interact with their customers. It offers numerous advantages over traditional outreach platforms such as emails including higher click-through rates, lower marketing cost per acquisition (CPA), and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Online businesses looking for the best eCommerce marketing strategy in 2021 can now use Honour Media Co, a digital marketing service achieving phenomenal success with experiential Messenger marketing. The intelligent strategy combined with the company’s updated digital marketing techniques is now offering eCommerce owners, online businesses, and service agencies a chance to increase their ROI by 3-10 times in 2021.

Analytics reveal that the eCommerce industry including online businesses is all set to increase threefold in 2021 with the potential of a significant jump in sales. But to cash in on the opportunity, one needs an accurate digital marketing strategy that implements a faster rate of geo-specific and audience-specific targeting.

Experiential Messenger marketing is proving to be one of the anchor marketing strategies of 2021 that holds the key to capture a large segment of the pie. Recognizing this emerging trend, Honour Media Co is now leveraging the power of experiential Messenger marketing and the results speak for themselves.

With Facebook Messenger marketing, Honour Media Co is taking digital strategies to a whole new level to increase lead generation and ROI by 3 to 10 times. The company has created a three-pronged marketing technique with Experiential Messenger being the star of the show. Supporting this mega marketing strategy of 2021, the company uses profitable paid ads on Facebook and YouTube, and Hyper-Local ads to increase visibility and rankings on Google SERP.

Experiential Messenger marketing is a direct and faster technique of marketing that can benefit a range of clients from eCommerce stores to businesses across multiple industries with an online presence. The technique increases inbound customers, improves engagement, acquires leads, and can be utilized for follow-ups. Essentially, it is a compact yet powerful marketing strategy that is accurate and affordable. Along with Facebook ads, and hyper-local ads, the method is proving to be a hit with almost 80% open rates and 25% CTR within the first 60 min of implementation. Moreover, conversational messenger marketing is like 24/7 super customer support, with the potential for 3-5 times higher conversation rates on Facebook Ads.

Honour Media Co was founded by Sherlene Lian out of a growing need to acquire targeted traffic and qualified leads for its founder’s multiple business ventures. Today the company boasts of a robust marketing infrastructure that has also been recognized and featured on authority sites like MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, and AP. Honour Media Co is confident of its profitable and experiential marketing strategies that have become a signature brand of the company’s huge success.

To benefit from the best eCommerce marketing strategy in 2021, a business needs to already be profitable, possessing an existing pool of subscribers, have a website, and a FB page.

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