Want Targeted Leads & Traffic? Use Experience Messenger Media Marketing In 2021

Nov 26, 2020

Want to run your E-commerce and local small business on Steroids? Check out Honour Media today to see how they can help you scale 3-10x ROI with profitable and experiential digital marketing services.

If sales is the fuel for your business, lead generation is the fuel for sales. To do that, it pays to work with the best media and marketing agency available.

In view of Black Friday and Thanksgiving week, Honour Media has launched a new experience messenger marketing service for ambitious e-commerce companies and local small businesses seeking to stand out from their competition. We are a new breed of boutique digital marketing agency with a two-pronged focus on 1) bespoke content creation with media publishing and 2) experience messenger marketing for supercharged brand growth, engagement, and lead generation.

Get in touch to see how we can help your business to grow today! https://honourmedia.co/

The new service launch is part of our updated package range to cater for the latest marketing trends heading into 2021. Prospective clients regularly ask us what the most effective organic and paid traffic strategies are, and experience marketing is one of the most impactful options – seemingly also one of the golden secret strategies utilized by only the top dogs to gain unfair advantage over their industry peers.

One of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce and local small businesses this rough year is increasing leads. Generating a steady stream of fresh leads is crucial for long-term online success, but it’s often the case that entrepreneurs don’t know the most effective solutions for securing more prospects. With 2021 coming in hot behind us, the impact of 2020 is far from over. We’ve seen many businesses closing down, declaring for bankruptcy, losing sales, not generating sufficient revenues to tide through the months… There is never a better time than now to plan ahead for your business. For any visionary business owner or leader, you will know that getting targeted leads that converts into sales is undoubtedly the most important key to growing and scaling any business in the new normal. 

This is where working with a specialist digital marketing agency can help. Over here at Honour Media, we can position clients like you as leaders and authorities in your field, help you to get more online visibility, exposure and win customers through proven and reliable content marketing and media publishing campaigns.

Now we have launched our new experience marketing service to cater to the modern digital landscape, which enhances the personal human touch point throughout the customer journey. The service is designed to turn content and conversations into sales, and clients can simply leverage on their existing assets (e.g. images, stories, reviews), hand over the creation, advertising to media publishing of your content and campaign to us in order to drive hyper-targeted interest and increase conversion. All without you changing a thing in your business.

At the core of the new service launch is our experiential messenger marketing strategy. We can directly engage prospects on their mobile devices by promoting positive customer-focused stories, and launch any other offers you’re running to drive 3-10x the conversion. See Messenger marketing as a Swiss army knife. Conversational & Experiential Messenger is a great opportunity to set your business apart in the eyes of your customers. Messenger Marketing today is what email marketing was a decade ago. 

Using both hyper-local ads with experience messenger marketing will help to establish and elevate our client’s business as a digital VIP with a story to tell. It also creates an interactive, engaging automated prospecting solution so that you no longer have to stay awake at night worrying about where your next lead is coming from.

Clients are able to create multiple-step, two-way conversations to take customers through a pre-planned messaging automation journey. This instantly boosts engagement and can improve the customer journey experience – resulting in more sales.

Full details can be found at: https://honourmedia.co/

Our newly launched digital bespoke experiential service is designed to help clients like you grow your business visibility and omnipresence, drive exposure and targeted traffic, and scale your business so you remain profitable with 3-10x positive ROI in 2021 – staying future-proof and strong against all odds.

This is our mission: “We help ambitious e-commerce and local businesses generate leads using experiential and profitable marketing strategies through Facebook messenger and hyper-local ads.” 

For visionary leaders and bold business owners who want to get in on the services and start sowing into your business for a great harvest, head over to https://honourmedia.co/ and learn more about our full services.

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