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Mar 25, 2024

The Nashville asphalt repair contractor you need for all your paving projects. Whether it’s a few potholes you want patching up or resurfacing your entire parking lot, Gaddes Strategic (615-866-2795) has got you covered.

If you want a parking lot repaired or resurfaced the right way, you can't just rely on any contractor. Gaddes Strategic, a trusted name in the paving industry, will handle all your asphalt repair and paving projects, on time and within budget.

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Comprehensive Asphalt Services

Gaddes Strategic provides an array of paving solutions that prioritize the safety, aesthetics, and functionality of your paved surfaces.

They offer asphalt surface installation, repair, and maintenance services including:

  • parking lot resurfacing
  • pothole repair
  • sealcoating
  • line striping
  • pavement markings—all aimed at creating an inviting surface that can withstand the demands of high traffic and harsh environmental conditions.

Safe & Accessible Parking Lots

A smooth driveway and parking lot can significantly improve customers’ perception of your business and their willingness to patronize you.

Using the latest in paving techniques, Gaddes Strategic can tackle any paving project, whether that is fixing worn-out sections in your parking lot or ensuring the lot complies with local codes and ADA accessibility requirements.

“Parking lot paving is a necessary service for many businesses and organizations in the Nashville area,” a company spokesperson said. “Maintaining a safe and attractive parking lot free of potholes and other damages requires the expertise of a professional contractor, like the pavers at Gaddes Strategic, who is experienced in the local climate and terrain.”

Cost-Effective Asphalt Resurfacing

Gaddes Strategic notes that resurfacing asphalt parking lots, particularly those with lots of small cracks or uneven surfaces that quick patching can’t fix, offers an effective and affordable way to revitalize your asphalt pavements.

This process involves the removal of the topmost asphalt layers and laying down fresh hot mix asphalt, which is compacted using the appropriate asphalt vibratory roller to achieve a solid and secure surface fit for incoming vehicular traffic.

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Nashville's Most-Trusted Asphalt Contractor

Gaddes Strategic understands the local Nashville climate and terrain, having served customers in the area for years, and knows, based on prevailing weather, the best paving materials and processes to employ to ensure durable asphalt surfaces.

They serve businesses throughout Davidson County, including restaurants, strip malls and retail centers, religious centers, schools, apartment homes, and office buildings.

Maximize your parking lot’s life while minimizing wear and tear with Gaddes Strategic’s suite of asphalt repair and paving solutions.

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