Consultancy Offers Fast-Track Forex Bank Account Opening For High-Risk Traders

Aug 28, 2023

Forex entrepreneurs who need reliable banking services should check out SAXE Global’s selection of risk-tolerant partner banks.

Exciting news from SAXE Global: the financial consulting firm has expanded its curated selection of partner banks that cater to forex businesses!

This is in line with the company’s mission to provide robust financial solutions to clients underserved by the mainstream banking industry. Its partner banks are a mix of both brick-and-mortar and digital banks, giving you the flexibility you need.

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SAXE Global facilitates the account opening process, collating the documents needed and filing them on your behalf. This grants you access to dedicated international bank account numbers (IBANs), which enable timely cross-border transactions.


As the consulting agency notes, the foreign exchange industry is the foundation upon which the global economy stands. However, this sector carries higher-than-average risk due to the fluctuating values of currencies and the fact that your business might be heavily leveraged.

These reasons give standard banks pause when catering to your company. SAXE Global recognizes this gap and seeks to bridge it with its banking services for high-risk ventures.


Given the inherently global nature of foreign exchange transactions, SAXE Global understands that you may not be able to personally make an appearance when opening an account. To compensate, the consultancy utilizes a comprehensive “Know Your Client” protocol to gather relevant information needed for your account opening. A dedicated client manager will be assigned to assist you from start to finish, creating a seamless experience.


All banking partners offered by SAXE Global are duly regulated in their respective countries. You can choose from international banks located in the UK, Lithuania, Switzerland, Mauritius, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. Among the Tier-1 institutions the consulting firm works with are BNP Paribas, J.P. Morgan, and Barclays.

Mark Walsh, Head of Advisory, emphasized the importance of inclusion in global banking: “Forex companies deserve the same care and attention as other corporate clients. That’s why we offer banking partners that look beyond the risk inherent in this industry to provide world-class services at a global scale. We look forward to connecting you to these institutions so you can further grow your enterprise.”

Your search for forex banks is over. To get the banking services you deserve, contact the SAXE Global team ASAP!

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