Comprehensive Urethane Chip Guard Training Video For Automotive Body Shops

May 31, 2023

Ready to achieve automotive perfection? The Autobody Source has a video guide on SEM 2K Urethane Chip Guard, a game-changing solution that lets you restore protective coatings with utmost precision.

If you’re struggling with restoring chip guards, don’t fret: as this training guide from The Autobody Source shows, SEM 2K Urethane Chip Guard is the answer to your problem.

The video serves as a valuable resource if you wish to restore the original protective coating of vehicles in a cost-effective manner. In addition to an overview of the product, the guide also offers complete instructions on how to apply SEM 2K Urethane Chip Guard for optimal results.

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The two-component, shake-and-shoot textured coating enables you to reproduce a wide range of original equipment (OE) textures and chip guards with exceptional accuracy. As such, this product is especially suited for collision repair projects where the original layer has been damaged and requires total replacement.

SEM 2K Urethane Chip Guard overcomes common issues associated with one-component products, such as long flash times, pinholes, solvent traps, delamination, and solubility. This results in a seamless application and a smooth finish that closely matches the original coating - a must when you’re servicing discerning customers.

You can reproduce fine-to-coarse and light-to-heavy OE textures, unlocking greater versatility in achieving desired results. Additionally, the chip guard builds heavy textures without trapping solvents, ensuring a trouble-free coating process.

The chip guard’s non-yellowing and non-staining properties ensure a long-lasting finish, while the option to tint, paint, or use it as a textured top coat provides you with customization possibilities. Furthermore, the product has earned compliance certification in 50 states, making it viable for the vast majority of auto repair shops.

A spokesperson says: “Through our latest video featuring the SEM 2K Urethane Chip Guard, we aim to provide you with the necessary knowledge to excel in your craft. We understand the importance of restoring the original protective coating as close to the OEM as possible, and our video demonstrates how the above-mentioned product can be an invaluable tool in achieving that goal.”


With a readership of over 50,000 individuals across North America and beyond, The Autobody Source has become a leading voice in the collision repair industry. In addition to informative resources, it also offers courses to people who wish to explore a career in the auto body sector.

There’s a better and smarter way of restoring protective coatings. And you can learn all about it by viewing The Autobody Source’s video. The best part? You can access it for free!

The company has an extensive collection of product guides and how-to videos on various collision repair products. You may access them at

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