Commercial Roof Painters Christchurch – The Premier Roof Painters

Jan 3, 2023

Roof Painting Christchurch – are Christchurch’s most trusted roof painting experts. Roof painting and restoration specialists for both the residential and commercial markets working throughout Christchurch and the surrounding area.

Commercial Roof Painters Christchurch - The Premier Roof Painters

Roof Painting Christchurch has expanded its commercial roof painting team for the Canterbury region. They are a leading commercial roof painting specialist and restoration contractor and pride themselves on high-quality service.

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Whether it's a commercial or an industrial roof their team of experts can give that roof a new lease on life using premium materials and paints. At Roof Painting Christchurch their workmanship benefits from many years of experience and their immaculate preparation bring peace of mind to their customers knowing that their roof is in the hands of professionals.

Roof Painting Christchurch is absolutely aware of the value of time for the business so they will complete the recoating of the roof according to the client's needs in the shortest time frame possible because what is the client's concern is also their concern as well.

Roof Painting Christchurch is known for its quality services with re-coating of faded Colorsteel, painting complex architecture, restoration of flaking or rusted roofs, water blasting, and programmed paint maintenance.

As part of the new service update, customers can get free colour consultations and free roof inspections. The expert team can then determine what needs doing and set about providing clients with the best service.

Before they begin any work, the team at Roof Painting Christchurch will assess the challenges and measure the area that needs coating. They will also analyse the roof substrate and the current coating on there.

With this information to hand, they can provide an accurate quote for the best solution available.

A full list of services is provided on the company website and includes roof restoration and coating, roof cleaning, and exterior cladding painting.

Roof Painting Christchurch says that it’s important to get roofing work carried out because the roof can cover up to 60% of the property. It forms a protective barrier and defensive shield against the elements, so needs to be well maintained.

The company states: “Roof Painting Christchurch ​was founded to serve the community of Christchurch and the surrounding area.”

They add: “We utilize the most recent and proven materials and technology to guarantee we give our customers results that last. We are a authorized, qualified and insured roofing company that you can trust. We have had broad experience working with both residential and commercial roofs.”

Full details of the newly updated services can be found on their website

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