Commercial Cleaning Company TCP of America Joins Business Forum

Apr 1, 2024

Alejandro Florez, CEO of TCP of America (941-527-5900) in Bradenton, FL, joins the Gulf Coast CEO Forum.

Alejandro Florez, CEO of The Cleaning Pros of America (TCP) is proud to announce that he recently became a member of the Gulf Coast CEO Forum.

The premier organization is intended for entrepreneurial Chief Executive Officers in Southwest Florida. The group believes in gathering like-minded business leaders to effect powerful change in the state. Check out their latest announcement at today!

Commercial cleaning for local businesses

Revealed in a recent LinkedIn post, Florez says he is “excited and honored” to join the premier organization to share and learn from fellow business leaders. Specifically, he hopes to master new approaches to creating more powerful business strategies through the educational seminars and networking events hosted by the Gulf Coast CEO Forum.

Professional cleaning company

Florez joins other CEOs who manage entities with a minimum of 10 employees and an annual revenue exceeding $1.5 million.

Florez became a member of the Gulf Coast CEO Forum in recognition of the significant role he has played in making TCP of America a leading professional cleaning company in the state. When asked about his leadership model, he explains that he has always believed in building a collaborative partnership with each of his clients – an approach he calls the “TCP Difference”.

"Whether that means taking extra time to listen to a specific need, adapting to a different schedule, or explaining a process one more time, our clients are always heard," he says.

The TCP difference

As CEO of The Cleaning Pros of America, Florez discussed how the company’s mission aligns with that of The Gulf Coast CEO Forum. "When it comes to our staff, we don’t just make sure that they’re trained to complete the job thoroughly and efficiently. TCP America believes in professionalism that finds a way to accommodate every client."

The Cleaning Pros of America is a professional cleaning service for residents in the Manatee and Sarasota counties. Guided by Florez’s leadership, the organization has significantly expanded in the last few years, being recognized for its complete cleaning services for corporate offices, banks, daycare centers, construction sites, schools, and more. More importantly, TCP provides night cleaning services so that you are never disturbed or interrupted during the day.

TCP is guided by its four core values:

  • Excellence so you get your money’s worth;
  • Responsibility so you never have to worry about germs;
  • Community so that you’re always aware of everything they do; and
  • Innovation so that you can rest easy knowing that you’re always experiencing the best.

When you choose TCP, you are choosing a partner in your success. Florez and his team make every effort to create an environment that is clean, safe, and better than before.

Part of an illustrious group

Florez hopes that his experiences can inspire other business leaders in Florida to develop a customer-first strategy in managing their respective organizations.

A spokesperson for the Gulf Coast CEO Forum said, "With a focus on business leadership, the Gulf Coast CEO Forum hosts insightful, informative, and leading-edge educational seminars designed to reflect the culture of today's CEO. Our goal is to fulfill that need well into the future by providing relationships, ideas, and solutions."

Go to so you can learn more. 

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