Carpet & Grouted Tile Deep Cleaning For Sarasota Restaurants & Offices

Apr 20, 2024

The Cleaning Pros Of America (941-527-5900) have acquired American Flooring Solutions to bring you the most comprehensive floor cleaning service in Southwest Florida.

Clean Floors Last Longer

It goes without saying that a clean floor is preferable to a dirty one regardless of the circumstances, but did you know that improper or incomplete cleaning can actually reduce the life of your carpet, tile, or wood flooring? That's right - you may be headed for an early replacement if you aren't taking care of your floors - not to mention the fact that a dirty floor can be a major risk factor for mold and other contaminants.

To make sure your floors stay clean the right way, visit

Hearing that, you may be tempted to rush down to the hardware store to buy a bottle of cleaning solutions, but wait! Using the wrong products to clean your floors may cause significant damage! In one such case, an amateur who started their own cleaning service accidentally stripped the varnish off of a client's wood flooring after accidentally mixing glass cleaner into their mop bucket - yikes!

Thankfully, if you live in Southwestern Florida, you no longer need to worry about endangering the life of your flooring, all thanks to The Cleaning Pros of America, which has recently acquired American Flooring Solutions.

What Can T.C.P. Do For You?

These two companies have been serving customers in the private and commercial sectors for many years now, and have finally decided to join forces to give you the best cleaning experience possible, regardless of your needs!

Together, they are able to clean virtually any surface in a wide range of commercial and residential settings including homes, offices, restaurants, and retail spaces.

A representative of American Flooring Solutions stated, “American Flooring Solutions LLC is licensed and insured, our staff is certified by the IICRC. As a consumer, seeing IICRC-certification means you are receiving the highest possible level of cleaning and restoration work, backed by an organization dedicated to raising the bar for customers and technicians worldwide.”

Carpet Cleaning

The company has the equipment necessary to deep-clean carpeted surfaces without damaging the fibers, using specialized applicators to remove bio-contaminants trapped deep in the carpet’s surface. They are also able to provide low-moisture steam cleaning services to gently restore surfaces in high-traffic areas.

Stone & Tile

For tile and stone flooring, the company is capable of both cleaning and re-sealing grouted surfaces to prevent long-term damage to sub-flooring. Cleaning and restoring grouted surfaces may be especially useful for restaurants, given that many establishments lack the deep-cleaning capabilities necessary to prevent grease buildup that can damage grout work.

Storm Damage Repair

If you have been affected by a severe weather event or flooding, you can contact T.C.P. America for emergency water extraction. This service is crucial for the preservation of carpeted surfaces that have been affected by these events, as allowing carpets to remain damp or dry naturally is known to vastly increase the chances of black mold development.

Contact Their Team Today

The companies’ combined workforce can provide cleaning services in Sarasota and Manatee counties as well as a large area south of Tampa. Contact the team at (941) 400-2254, or by visiting

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