Close More Deals With This M&A Origination Platform For Independent Sponsors

Dec 28, 2022

Streamline deal sourcing and keep your sales pipeline full with opportunities with OutFlow’s data-driven origination solution, now tailored to the needs of independent sponsors.

Close More Deals With This M&A Origination Platform For Independent Sponsors

Interested what the key deal sourcing trends in 2023 will be? If you want to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technologies data-driven strategies and outbound marketing are definitely approaches that you should consider. OutFlow’s deal sourcing solution caters to the needs of independent sponsors and they can help you get a consistent, reliable, and scalable stream of exclusive opportunities.

The approach to deal origination introduced by OutFlow blends precisely targeted marketing campaigns, intelligent data analysis, and efficient outreach strategies to ensure consistency in deal sourcing.

According to a recent report on new dealmaking trends published on Middle Market Growth, more quality independent sponsors will be emerging in 2023, which means more transactions will be done on a deal-by-deal basis, rather than from a fund structure. Independent sponsorship offers a more flexible way of investing, allowing investors to avoid the restrictions of pooled investments and the management fees on uncommitted capital of private equity funds.

OutFlow’s latest updates aim to improve deal sourcing for this promising community of investors by creating scalable processes based on precise targeting. Once you choose the parameters of your ideal prospect, which may include company size, industry, location, and stakeholders, the company launches outbound marketing campaigns to create a database of exclusive opportunities.

Upon the creation of a list of qualified prospects, OutFlow’s copywriting and business communication experts will move on to the next step - contacting prospects on your behalf.

Matt Currie, OutFlow’s CEO, underscores the importance of a compelling and well-articulated message for a successful outcome. "99.9% of emails, messages, and unsolicited phone calls don’t make it past the “flick test” of your prospects," he said. "This is where deal origination campaigns completely tank. You need to wrap and package a message that will come across in a way that is clear, insightful, high-stakes, and economical."

OutFlow has developed a formula for successful deal sourcing, identifying the three key components that bring results - outflow, consistency, and volume. Constantly updating the database with new prospects and making contact every day at large volumes is the only way to ensure a steady, consistent stream of deal opportunities, according to the deal origination experts.

Efficient deal sourcing is the key element of the independent sponsor model. OutFlow’s latest solution offers you targeting and origination strategies that maximize transaction viability and the chances of success.

Put a supercharger on your M&A deal sourcing with OutFlow. They’re committed to keeping your pipeline full with opportunities - if it isn’t, they don’t charge!

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