Clear Your Energy With This Revolutionary Skin Hydrating Hydromist Toner

Jan 13, 2022

Vanda Inc. offers its new True You Mist proprietary moisturizing and energizing product. Visit their website to know more!

Clear Your Energy With This Revolutionary Skin Hydrating Hydromist Toner

Not feeling quite yourself? Spray on True You Mist and get a boost of energy as it hydrates your skin!

The new product features an ion-charged mix of natural minerals, essential oils, and hydrating ingredients. It also boasts of offering you mystic energizing properties.

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This natural and innovative product lends cell rejuvenation while giving you an energy aura boost at the same time. The distinctive creation affords you not only physical pampering through skincare but spiritual healing and enhancement as well.

True You Mist is a toner and hydro mist that cleanses and hydrates your skin. It makes use of age-old ingredients such as lavender, sage, and frankincense. These natural elements create a unique concoction that soothes, re-balances, and de-stresses your skin. The essential oils lock in moisture into your skin cells, offer you anti-aging properties, repair your epithelial elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and act as an emulsifier and skin smoothening agent.

Furthermore, when absorbed into your skin, these ingredients enhance and strengthen your vitality. This is possible through the company’s unique manufacturing process, which uses ancient symbols, sounds, and numerology, combining energetics and spirituality with physics to give the product its energizing properties.

A revolutionary product, True You Mist guarantees to give you glowing skin and clear energy with each spray. You can buy the best-selling cleansing atomizer at an affordable USD40 per bottle through the Vanda Inc. website.

You may also benefit from other offerings such as bundles of organically grown herbs that clear stagnant energy out of your living space when burned. They also offer bath salts that detoxify your body, clear your mind and chakra body system.

Other products include love charm bracelets and necklaces, chakra oracle cards, journals, emotional detox bath treatments, ear candles, teas, and many more.

According to Vanda Inc. founder, Vanda Teixeira-Saitowitz, “True You Mist has helped me in so many different ways—enhancing my clarity and focus. Most importantly, I use it to reconnect with myself. In times when I’m not feeling myself, I allow the infusion of energy to reconnect me. It wakes me up.”

Get a True You Mist today and spray on an instant energy boost!

Visit their website or watch this video if you want to know more!

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