First Product to Embody the science of Spiritualiyy and Physics

Jan 17, 2024

Beauty & inner wellness market is sharing the first of it’s kind facial hydration and energy mist. True You SOULva Mist. Further information can be found at and

Reflecting on the 10 year anniversary release of 'True You SOULva Mist'. A formula which was in development for 3 years prior. The goal was to combine ingredients in use since ancient times and use modern techniques to lock in nourishing moisture for skin cells, assist anti-aging, repair elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and act as an emulsifier combined with a skin smoother. 'True You SOULva Mist' is exceptional and its formula can never be duplicated. By defying convention this Facial hydrator, cell rejuvenator and sacred cleansing mist will provide a difference that one will feel.

The Owner/Founder/Creator at VANDA Inc., says: "creating something new to try with 'True You SOULva Mist' was the goal. Anyone familiar with the beauty and inner wellness market will may notice that this is the first product to embody the science of spirituality and physics, coming together to create something sacred and divinely magical. Living in today's world, more and more people are under stress, leading busy, chaotic, fragmented and noisy lives. Taking care of the visible necessities in our lives has become a priority, whilst forgetting to take care of our emotional selves. It becomes evident when we get hit with mood swings, sadness, fatigue, anxiety and this becomes stress lines that are very visible."

Additionally, "Giving our customers inner beauty a sense of inner well-being whilst seeing and feeling beautiful... with 'True You SOULva Mist', they have a fresh new possibility. I want them to feel when using my product they feel more happy / calm / focused / beautiful / lighter when using 'True You SOULva Mist'. Trying something new is always a risk, but it's a risk we believe is worth taking."

VANDA Inc. has been in business for 14 years, being established in 2010. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to get back to feeling like ourselves again and sharing beauty.

This isn't the first time VANDA Inc. has defied convention either. In bridging the gap between spirituality and couture that caused a stir when was a stand out product at the Emmy's and Oscars.

'True You SOULva Mist' is now available at To find out more visit here.

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