Child Burn Accident Attorney In West Philly Philadelphia: Get Full Compensation

May 19, 2023

Has your child suffered burn injuries? Would you like to know what your legal options are regarding claiming compensation for emotional and physical damages? Then contact Justice Guardians West Philly (866-918-5292) for a free consultation today.

If your child has suffered a burn injury, you will want to be 100% focused on their recovery without worrying about the medical fees and other associated costs. That’s where Justice Guardians West Philly Philadelphia Burn Accident Personal Injury’s legal services can help.

The legal firm’s team offers free initial no-obligation consultations to evaluate your case, as well as provide you with continuous legal representation for filing for compensation due to negligence.

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Justice Guardians West Philly’s experienced attorneys can work with you and your child to help you make a claim based on factors such as your medical expenses, your child’s pain, and their emotional distress.

Recent statistics show that almost 50% of all victims of burn injuries are children, with 25% requiring hospital care. Furthermore, many of these cases could have been avoided and are caused by the negligence of an individual or a business. While making a claim against those responsible will not repair the emotional and physical damage caused, it can help relieve your family’s financial burdens so you can concentrate on your child’s recovery.

As experts in personal injury and burn injury cases, the team at Justice Guardians West Philly provides professional legal services to determine and fight for your child’s justice. In this regard, the company provides no-obligation initial consultations, with ‘no-win, no-fee’ legal representation throughout your client’s case.

When evaluating your burn injury case, the law firm’s team considers factors such as the type of injury caused, who started the fire, was the accident avoidable, and was the fire caused by a defect. As the firm explains, each of these factors can determine who a case is filed against, and if there is evidence of negligence.

Justice Guardians West Philly’s attorneys are able to negotiate and settle with insurance companies on your behalf as well as provide you with legal representation in court should it be required. The firm also offers legal services to clients with personal injuries caused by slips and falls, car accidents, and medical malpractice.

Based in West Philly, Justice Guardians also have offices throughout the Philadelphia area, including Germantown, Kensington, Northeast Philly, West Oak Lane, and Overbrook Park.

A spokesperson for Justice Guardians West Philly said, “Our team understands how to work with fire victims and their families, ensuring they have a fair shot at getting the compensation they deserve.“

Get professional legal support when claiming compensation for your child’s burn injuries with Justice Guardians West Philly.

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