Check How Much ERTC Your Restaurant Is Owed With This Free Estimate Tool

Jun 13, 2023

Did you have to close your restaurant during the Covid-19 pandemic? If so, you could be owed up to $26,000 per staff member in tax credits. Use ERTC Express’ free eligibility check tool to find out!

If you had a customer in your bar or restaurant who left a tip on the table, you wouldn’t just leave it for someone else to take, would you? Well, if you don’t claim your business' ERTC funds, that’s pretty much what you’re doing.

To help you make sure you don’t miss out, ERTC Express lets you check your business eligibility and offers you CPA support throughout the ERTC application process.

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With their service, the consultancy seeks to remind hospitality business owners to check their eligibility for the ERTC program following recent changes to the qualification criteria.

During the pandemic, restaurants and bars were among the hardest hit by forced closures and social distancing restrictions. Furthermore, while financial relief mechanisms such as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) were made available, many of these businesses are still struggling to get back to pre-pandemic revenue levels. As such, the team at ERTC Express wants to help those businesses make sure they take advantage of all the government programs they qualify for, including the ERTC, to back their operations.

Under the initial ERTC eligibility criteria, businesses that had received a PPP loan could not make an ERTC claim. However, changes made with the signing of ‘The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’ opened up the program for more businesses, regardless of the government funding they have already obtained.

ERTC Express highlights that many business owners and their accounts teams are still unaware of the amendments, or that businesses can retroactively claim funds as far back as 2020.

You can now check your business' ERTC eligibility using the online tool available on ERTC Express’ website. The service requires no fees or commitments and gives you an estimate of the amount of ERTC rebates you could be owed.

Should your business be eligible, the consultancy will also assist you with your application, preparing paperwork for submission and providing audit-proof documentation for any future IRS checks.

A spokesperson for ERTC Express said, “The ERTC tax incentive is heavily underutilized due to misconceptions about eligibility. Don’t miss out! You may be eligible to receive thousands, if not millions, in funding for your business. We’re the experts in that, so let us help you get there.”

Don’t leave free money on the table - find out exactly how much you can receive in ERTC rebates with ERTC Express!

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