Chaplaincy Training: Integrating Care & Spirituality In Educational Contexts

Aug 9, 2023

The National School Chaplain Association (888-230-3661) is looking for dedicated future school chaplains, people who will bring hope and happiness to schools and students across the US.

Are you a natural change-maker who is driven to do good? If so, the National School Chaplain Association thinks you’d make an excellent school chaplain.

The National School Chaplain Association believes that, with the right training, a school chaplain can work on both a personal level—helping children and teenagers to find joy and meaning in life—and on a structural level, encouraging school communities to make meaningful changes that will improve wellbeing, engagement and whole-school culture. As such, they have created a new clinical chaplaincy training program, one which is designed to offer you the skills you will need to not only personally provide spiritual care, but to integrate and embed it within a school.

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The National School Chaplain Association has seen that many schools today are suffering from far-ranging issues like chronic absenteeism, poor academic outcomes, bullying, anxiety and depression, and gun violence. They therefore believe that many students are in need of significant pastoral, mental health and spiritual care, and their new clinical chaplaincy training will address all these core issues, and more.

If you apply, you will complete your course of study online via distance education at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. The National School Chaplain Association will create a personalized study plan for you, one adapted to your prior work and study experience.

You can access more information on how their new clinical chaplaincy training program looks at

The National School Chaplain Association wholeheartedly endorses school chaplaincy as a career, akin to school counsellors and other support staff, and, therefore, they take their programming seriously. You can expect to learn how to support students with anxiety and depression, how to provide a holistic approach to wellbeing that recognizes the value of spirituality, how to improve school safety, and how to bring absentee students back into a school community.

Depending upon your level of education and prior experience, you can complete the National School Chaplain Association’s new training in under 12 months—faster if you’re a certified school teacher or ordained minister.

The National School Chaplain Association is a non-profit organization which is responsible for certifying and accrediting school chaplains in the US.

A spokesperson for the school chaplaincy training providers said, “Through NSCA, the world’s largest certification provider of school chaplains, you can become a fully certified chaplain without going back to college, putting your life on hold, or taking out student loans. Get ready to fulfill your dream and earn your chaplain certification online.”

As a school chaplain, you can be the face of a more compassionate and supportive education system.

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