Chaplain Training & Certification: Get Accredited To Work In US Public Schools

Jul 18, 2023

The National School Chaplain Association (405-831-3299) runs the only accredited online chaplain school in the US. Sign up today to get started on your personalized learning journey.

Whatever your background is, The National School Chaplain Association or NSCA is confident they have a chaplain training path for you.

The NSCA is the organization behind the largest school chaplain certification program in the US and they have now streamlined their training with their new online chaplain school. Having previously trained and accredited over 24,000 chaplains who are now working in schools across the country, they recommend that, if you are interested in becoming a chaplain, you enroll in one of their certified programs.

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In particular, the NSCA wants to stress that they now have different study paths for applicants, depending on your level of education and your job experience. Whether you are a high school or university graduate, a qualified and experienced teacher, or a person with a background in church ministry, NSCA’s education team will help you find your right training path.

The NSCA holds ministry experience in particularly high esteem, which is why they will now accept you if you do not have a university degree but have ministerial experience, like being a youth pastor, or being a chaplain in another area, for example, a police or hospital chaplain.

You can access more information on who can apply to the NSCA’s chaplain school at

Once the team at NSCA has identified the best study path for you, they will help you complete your enrollment and advise you on the documentation they require. Then, you will be able to start your studies immediately, as the organization’s new online program is a completely personalized one.

NSCA has partnered with Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma in order to offer their new online chaplain school, which was one of the country’s top-ranked universities in the 2022-23 edition of Best Colleges.

The goal of the chaplaincy program is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you will need to provide meaningful counseling, pastoral and spiritual care in elementary, middle and high schools in the US.

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A spokesperson for the NSCA said, “Our chaplain certification unlocks complete access to our chaplain resources, a team to offer personalized service and support, a personalized online plan to track your progress toward certification, 360 access to comprehensive online training, top of the line in service support from senior chaplains and free career and job resources.”

If you think school chaplaincy is your calling, your first port of call should be the NSCA.

Visit to get started on your personal path to chaplaincy.

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