Chaplain Certification For Public Educators With Spiritual Care Training Program

Jul 21, 2023

If you feel that a healthy spirituality could benefit your classroom, chaplaincy certification might be for you! The NSCA offers a comprehensive chaplaincy training program that will prepare you to provide your students with spiritual care and counsel.

As educators, we all know the crucial role emotional and mental health plays in a classroom. As a chaplain, you can provide counseling and spiritual care to promote a holistically healthy learning environment.

The National School Chaplain Association is the world's leading chaplain certification program and provides a flexible training program so you can design your own schedule.

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✦ Chaplains in Schools ✦

Many national organizations, including The National Education Association, endorse teaching about religion in public schools and consider it historically relevant. Creating inclusive school communities is essential, and making religious or spiritually curious students feel comfortable expressing their beliefs is part of this effort.

According to a Barna Group poll, 84% of churchgoing parents send their kids to public school and nearly half of public school teachers consider their faith to be an essential part of their lives.

Schools employing NSCA-certified chaplains have reported a decrease in the need for disciplinary action due to bullying, substance abuse, and absenteeism, as well as increased respect for authority.

✦ NSCA Chaplain Certification ✦

The NSCA has certified over 27,000 chaplains in 23 countries, with over 4,000 chaplains certified in just this last year. Many of the program's chaplains were already working as school teachers and expanded their capacity to serve their students' needs by becoming a chaplain.

The NSCA offers a flexible, online training program that can be completed according to your life and needs. If you're currently working as a teacher, you can complete your training during evenings, on weekends, or even over summer break, causing no interference with your classroom time.

Teachers who complete the NSCA chaplain certification acquire spiritual care skills, which have been shown to create a more empathetic, peaceful, and productive classroom environment. You'll learn how to provide empathetic, nonjudgemental counsel while upholding professional and emotionally stable boundaries.

Chaplain certification through the NSCA consists of an application to determine the level of training required, completion of an 8-week online, self-paced program, school safety courses, and final background checks. With NSCA certification, you'll be prepared to offer counseling, spiritual care, life improvement education, advocacy, and practical community support to students, staff, and their families.

✦ About National School Chaplain Association ✦

The National School Chaplain Association is a Christian chaplain ministry dedicated to bridging the gap between the secular and the spiritual in communities across the United States. The organization has established national standards for school chaplains to promote them as being essential and appropriate members of a school's core staff. The National School Chaplain Association's overall vision is "to equip schools and chaplains to serve the spiritual needs of PK-12 students, staff, and their families".

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