Lubbock School Chaplains On Staff Empower & Support Student Counseling Teams!

Apr 23, 2024

If you’re the principal or administrator of a Lubbock school, you can support and empower your counseling team and at-risk youth with the NSCA’s (+1 405 831 3299) school chaplaincy services.

It's a tough time for schools across the nation, and Texas is no different. If your staff and students are stressed and could use some extra support, check out the chaplaincy services from the National School Chaplain Association!

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School chaplains offer additional support and resources for your teachers and students alike.

With stress levels and safety concerns at an all-time high in public schools, certified NSCA professionals are trained to help alleviate tension, resolve conflict, and bring hope into classrooms and hallways.

Keep Your School Safer

A recent study in the Journal of Religious Health shows that faith-based pastoral care in a secular school environment can function as a source of additional support for students and members of staff. With an inclusive, tolerant, interfaith approach, certified NSCA chaplains can give care and spiritual guidance while also helping keep schools safer.

"Our purpose and vision is to equip school chaplains to meet the spiritual needs of PK-12 students, staff, and their families,” says an NSCA spokesperson. “Chaplaincy isn’t a new or experimental idea; it’s a proven role. It’s time that our teachers, students, staff, parents, and guardians have access to the same care our government and public institutions receive.”

Support Your Staff

One primary benefit of having a chaplain on your staff is school safety. Chaplains are trained to recognize school safety issues before they escalate, and they know the specific steps to take to create safer learning environments.

School chaplains also play a key role in improving teacher retention rates, as they offer impartial listening and support to staff members as well as students. Through a “ministry of presence,” chaplains can work closely with your counseling team and provide a compassionate ear during tough situations.

Empower Students

As teen suicide rates continue to increase nationally, school chaplains also work to bridge the gap between spirituality and mental health. Whereas your students may not always feel comfortable seeking formal help from a school counselor, a chaplain is often seen as less threatening and more accessible.

All school chaplaincy services are highly confidential and NSCA chaplains are held to the highest standard of integrity and conduct. Chaplains work within a framework of inclusivity and do not promote a particular religious group or church, preach, or proselytize.

Empower and support your student body with help from an NSCA-certified chaplain!

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