Ceramic Concepts Drops Stylish Mid-Century Tile Collection!

Aug 17, 2023

Ceramic Concepts has unveiled five exclusive and previously undisclosed details about its highly anticipated launch of the Mid-Century Tile Collection. More insights regarding this exciting release can be accessed at https://ceramic-concepts.com.

The Five items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating Mid-Century Tile Collection came about after Felix Schmeing, the owner, and his wife, Evie Seifu, who also doubles as a designer, relocated to the Palm Springs region in California. The area is renowned for its preservation and development of mid-century homes, as well as being home to a sizable community with numerous pools. The move inspired them, and they created this collection, including vintage-modern tile designs that are perfect for pools, kitchen backsplashes, or bathrooms.

From design concept to sample, it took Ceramic Concepts approximately three months for the husband and wife duo as a team.

The tile patterns are primarily in quarry red tile bisque for warmer, non-freeze climates and on porcelain for places with frost/freeze. These patterns almost didn't see the light of day as the new tile creation process can be long and arduous. When creating complex patterns that build into a larger design using tiles, it's essential to ensure that the lines of the patterns match when placed side by side, above and below, or all around. If they don't fit, it can set the process back by two weeks or more, as it takes several days to develop a single sample on a tile, and starting from scratch is necessary.

Ceramic Concepts is constantly experimenting with different techniques to interpret modern and trendy styles on tile, as well as making reproductions from the 20s and the 30s in the Spanish tile styles - thus creating different looks for pools, kitchens, bathrooms, and stair risers compared to other businesses in the hand-glazed tiles. Ceramic Concepts also specializes in custom tile making - Felix Schmeing is one of the foremost experts in the science of glaze formulation, whose experience spans 30+ years; he began his journey as a ceramicist with a passion for working in the style of a studio potter. He enjoys working closely with each customer, allowing them to feel a special bond with the team as they create something unique for their homes or commercial spaces. Clients are welcome to provide as much input as they wish or leave it to the team to put their vision on paper for them and start the process of making the right tiles for their projects.

This Mid-Century Tile Collection is released as part of Ceramic Concepts' greater plans to create exciting and trendy tiles, especially for pools, as there is a need in this space for interesting and modern tiles. For Ceramic Concepts, the aim to create a vibrant community of ceramics enthusiasts is paramount. The ultimate goal is to design a studio environment that fosters creativity and enjoyment for its clients. The clients/customers can explore the space, assess color-matching options, or shop around for tiles in person. Ceramic Concepts plans to achieve this goal within the next few months to a year.

While this collection fills a need that founder Felix Schmeing noticed as a growing lack of creative and exciting pool tiles within the waterline pool industry - Ceramic Concepts was founded as a way for Felix to express his love for pottery and to work with color, patterns, and his hands. As such, creating custom pool tiles or using one of Ceramic Concepts' exciting and fun patterns opens up creative and fun adventures when building or remodeling pools. Ceramic Concepts was founded in 1994 in Venice, California, mainly having studied the art in the era of the Malibu tile factories in Topanga, making reproductions of Spanish and Moorish tiles. Ceramic Concepts also specializes in custom tile making, which can take time and is more costly but a genuinely satisfying adventure for those that are up for it.

1. New glaze colors and finishes - these tiles have a satin and gloss glaze that creates interesting effects of depth and dimension.

2. The glazes Felix developed for these tiles are very good for pools and will ensure minimum water absorption.

3. Styles are inspired by a move to the "Mid-Century Capital of the World" Palm Springs/Palm Desert area in California.

4. Mid-century tile patterns work very well and can be interpreted well within today's modern setting

5. Customers can order the tiles in custom colors (there is a fee associated to

Felix Schmeing says: "We like to do things to connect with our customers. "

Ceramic Concepts has a store on Etsy to reach clients needing help finding them. But the crux of the business has always been word of mouth since the beginning; Felix made strong connections with architects, contractors, and designers for whom he does custom work. Some southwestern tile stores also represent some of Ceramic Concepts' tile work.

Ceramic Concepts releasing these little factoids ahead of the Mid-Century Tile Collection launch are what makes a difference.



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