Cash Flow Management Service For Car Dealerships Reduces Bills & Overheads

Mar 6, 2024

Enhance your cash flow management this year with Recession Resister. The expense-saving gurus are here to help your car dealership spend less and grow more.

With Recession Resister as your trusted cost-cutting partner, you can significantly reduce your operating costs and boost your profitability.

For a limited time only, their game-changing expense savings service is also available with a no-save, no-pay promise. Go to to sign up while the offer lasts.

Getting You On The Road To Financial Sustainability

Recession Resister appreciates that for every ‘Rolls Royce Beverly Hills’ or Park Avenue ‘Ferrari New York’ there are thousands of used car dealerships like yours, that are retailing the low-cost and affordable automobiles that keep America moving. They also appreciate that, if you run a smaller, lower-cost dealership, it is imperative to keep your overheads low in order to keep your vehicles competitively priced. 

That’s why the cash flow management experts are pleased to be bringing you their tailored new expense-saving service, which is designed to cut your core overheads and improve your financial sustainability.  

Renegotiate Your Utilities

The team at Recession Resister can help your dealership by renegotiating your utilities for you, including electricity, gas and water. Their team will help you improve your rate and can also offer you an annual energy auto-switching service, which means that every year your contract will be renegotiated or switched to the provider with the best rate and plan. 

Additionally, Recession Resister can consult with you on bigger energy-efficient measures, such as upgrading to a smart HVAC system for your dealership office, which should result in annual electricity savings of between 15-30%. 

Make Savings On Your Bills, Taxes & Other Fees

Beyond utilities, Recession Resister’s expense savings service also includes the renegotiation of your other bills like:

  • phone and internet,
  • waste management,
  • security,
  • pest control,
  • water delivery,
  • payroll services, and more.

Where available, the cash flow management experts will also cut your merchant processing fees and look for available tax savings like the employee retention tax credit. 

A spokesperson for the financial sustainability firm said, “The goal of every business is to take in more money than you spend. We reduce your costs automatically so you can focus your time and your funds on ways to generate revenue. Let us save you money while you focus your energy on generating more money. It’s a win-win.” 

A Solution For Car Dealerships Nationwide

Recession Resister has quickly expanded from their base in the Northeast of the United States and now has offers available for car dealerships across the country. 

With their current no-save, no-pay promise, there’s never been a better way to cut your bills.

Visit if you want to start saving with Recession Resister.

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