Carlisle LPA Guidance Innovator Approaches 5,000 Customer Milestone And a Prize

Nov 3, 2023

The Brampton and Carlisle based LPA guidance service LPA Now is about to reach 5,000 users, nationally. Growth has been spurred by the popularity of the innovative Home Visit LPA service.

LPA Now announces it's on the final furlong of reaching the hugely significant 5,000 customer milestone for its Lasting Power of Attorney guidance services. Between the Postal and Home Visit Services, customer growth is rapidly homing in on this psychologically important point. In celebration of this major event, LPA Now is going to make the service free for the lucky 5,000th customer who takes the company right up to this imminent milestone. Details can be found on the website:

It's the Home Visit Service, in particular, that has attracted users who are interested in a product that offers economically priced, diligent and experienced guidance service regarding the information that's needed to complete an application for Lasting Powers of Attorney. The growing popularity of the original LPA form checking service has spawned several innovations, including both the postal and the home visit services.

LPA Now customers appreciate the fact that firstly they can give their information over the phone to an LPA Now staff member at their convenience. These staff are trained to spot inconsistencies in the received information that might possibly spoil an application, which they then double check with the customer before committing it to the forms. That information is then transcribed to the official forms. Next, one of LPA Now's nationwide network of over 100 field agents will come to the customer's home and sit down with them to explain every aspect of the neatly printed form and check that the details are completely accurate: with the relevant parties present.

One Carlisle based user commented in a review. "Very helpful and professional. Explained the whole process in easy terms enabling a 95 year old understand. Nothing was too much trouble." Another reviewer from the area said this of the Home Visit service. "Excellent service. Was very pleased with this service. We were guided through the process with much care. Anyone thinking they could do it themselves, they just wouldn't be able to, it's too much paperwork. Many thanks to LPA Now."

Malcolm Roberts, Founder of LPA Now, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of his innovative Home Visit Service and upon realising that this milestone was imminent, had this to say about the Home Visit LPA service. "As a national company we help clients from Penzance to Berwick but it’s a particular pleasure when we are supported by people from our local area of Carlisle, where our Home Visit service is as popular as anywhere."

Users of this service benefit from the diligent checking of all the details entered on their paperwork by a team of well trained specialists. Common mistakes are spotted before sending the forms to the Office of the Public Guardian. For many customers, this helps avoid the common tripwires that cause an application for Lasting Power of Attorney to be rejected, with the consequent loss of the fee paid to the Office of the Public Guardian.

People looking for Lasting Power of Attorney guidance, for themselves, family members or friends are encouraged to take a look at LPA Now's website Here interested individuals will find extensive explanations of the 2 types of lasting power of attorney: the Financial Decision LPA and the Health and Welfare Decision LPA.

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