Carlisle Business Photography: New Perspectives for Kingstown Businesses.

Nov 4, 2023

Brian Austwick Photography aims to become a front runner in the Border City’s vibrant commercial photography scene. Discover Brian’s long road to photography professional.

Brian Austwick Photography, a commercial photographer based in Carlisle, has been making a name as a front runner in the realm of commercial photography in the Great Border City. This news coincides nicely with Brian Austwick Photography's recent recognition as a community favourite after doing a number of shoots for local organisations including the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Carlisle B2B networking group, as well as individual businesses and entrepreneurs. A recent shoot in Keswick was a collaboration with the Eden Valley Hospice and Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.

Brian Austwick Photography has been operating in the SME market for a couple of years and is up against against a strong cadre of established photography businesses drawn to the visual heaven of Cumberland and the Borderlands. Brian has begun to make a strong impression on the business community of Carlisle and is gaining a reputation for quality business photography by concentrating on interpreting what the customer requires and using a combination of aerial drone and ground based photography and video to provide the customer with the visual message required.

Brian, the founder of Brian Austwick Photography spoke about its recent recognition, expanding on some of the decisions and motivations that led the business to the level it's currently reached.

"When Brian Austwick Photography was founded, it was clear that we wanted to be the kind of company that was known for capturing impactful images that convey a story and help customers' brands stand out. One of the biggest challenges we faced was getting our name out there and building up trust as we had just moved into the region from Bedfordshire."

Fortunately with some good people getting behind him, he was encouraged to start networking with other businesses at Carlisle's numerous networking groups including those run by the Chamber. Despite some initial nervousness, as his previous courier business didn't involve speaking up in front of groups of strangers, he was able to overcome many obstacles and hit his stride. His innate passion for photography helped him to make that switch from courier to creative visual story teller.

Brian's journey started with an initial fascination for landscape photography in the Lake District, inspired by his father. Brian's father was a BBC cameraman who worked on some notable programmes including early series of Doctor Who.

Brian has worked hard to diversify his offer for businesses in the city. The company has created an offer that will be of particular interest to business owners and marketing managers based in the Kingmoor and Kingstown business parks in the north of Carlisle. The company's range of business photography services has expanded. They can deliver aerial video footage of holiday facilities in the Lake District, ground based still photography of property for websites, head shots of a company's personnel for a PR project or even a photographic story of a process, indoors or out.

Brian also mentioned Brian Austwick Photography's future plans to get known in smaller areas around Carlisle in a systematic, focussed way. He'll be chatting to lots of businesses in Kingstown and Kingmoor commercial areas over the next month or so, to get his name out there and to understand better how he can serve those businesses.

Brian Austwick Photography aims to maintain its position at the forefront of commercial photography for years to come, building on recent success, finding new ways to serve their local business community, customers and the world at large.

More information on Brian Austwick Photography can be found at their website:

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