Captain Eric Auxier Agrees to Position as Columnist for Airways Magazine

Jan 17, 2017

Popular blogger and airline pilot Eric “Cap’n Aux” Auxier has joined Airways Magazine as new Columnist. Captain Auxier brings to the reader real-world cockpit experience and stories, such as his signature, “There I Wuz!” series, often-humorous true tales from his nearly 40 years in the sky.

Airline pilot, Captain Eric Auxier has agreed to take a new position as a Columnist for Airways Magazine, published in over 60 countries worldwide. An author, popular blogger and freelance writer, Captain Auxier has also launched a regular blog column for the online version of Airways, which can be found at, His first post, a review of the accuracy of the recent "Sully" movie and a commentary on the crash itself (Auxier is a Captain on the Airbus A320, the same type plane involved in the "Miracle on the Hudson" accident) garnered an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response by readers. Full details can be found on the About Us section of the company website,

Airways Magazine Editor, Enrique Perrella expressed confidence that Captain Eric Auxier is a welcome asset, saying:

"Captain Auxier has long been a valuable regular contributor to Airways Magazine, and we simply had to bring him on board as a Columnist."

Indeed, as a pilot for nearly 40 years, an airline captain for a major U.S. airline for over 25 years, and an author of eight books, Captain Auxier brings considerable aviation and writing experience to the Airways team. In addition to Airways Magazine, as a freelance writer, Captain Auxier has contributed to such publications as Arizona Highways, Plane & Pilot Magazine, and AOPA Magazine.

Airways readers can expect Captain Eric Auxier to address many aspects of airline industry, including:

—Bringing to the reader real-world cockpit experience and stories—including his signature "There I Wuz!" stories—written in a compelling, informative and often humorous way.

—Addressing airline industry issues, and the challenges that the modern airline pilot face.

—Analyzing aviation accidents, explaining them to the reader in laymans' terms, and commenting on the issues raised and lessons learned. To better enlighten the reader, Captain Auxier often teams with other airline pilot experts to bring thorough, objective analysis of said accidents.

In addition, Captain Auxier has been invited back as a guest speaker on Airways Magazine's 2017 Alaska cruise, repeating his popular appearance on Airways' 2016 Caribbean cruise. In the 1980's, Captain Auxier launched his flying career as a young bush pilot in the volatile skies of Southeast Alaska, so will be regaling the Airways cruise audience with more of his signature "There I Wuz!" tales from the cockpit. Details can be found at,

Customers and current employees are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome to the new Columnist via the website: Captain Auxier's Airways stories can be found at, In addition, signed copies of Captain Auxier's books can be purchased in the online store at,

Captain Auxier's Blog: "Adventures of Cap'n Aux"

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