Calgary Prostate Cancer Survivor & Caretaker Support Groups Meet Every Month!

Mar 4, 2024

If you’re a prostate cancer survivor or family member, PROSTAID Calgary offers monthly community support meetings, as well as ongoing groups for current warriors, wives, and loved ones.

In your fight against prostate cancer, you need support from others who have been through a similar ordeal. Reach out to the folks at PROSTAID Calgary to get information about their regular monthly support group gatherings!

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The monthly general meetings are open to everyone affected by prostate cancer and are completely free - you don't need to be a member or pay any type of entrance fee.

PROSTAID Calgary's general meetings are part of their ongoing commitment to providing you with community support along with up-to-date scientific information regarding prostate cancer and treatments for the disease.

Receive Peer Support

A report from the National Cancer Institute shows that regular support groups for survivors or people currently struggling with cancer offer many benefits, including a sense of hopefulness, peer support, and guidance on dealing with practical issues that may arise for patients or families during the course of a battle with the disease. With 1 in 8 men diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime, PROSTAID Calgary works to give you and your loved ones the support you need.

“Our objective is to assist and support patients, families, and friends by informing, empathizing, and reassuring men on their journey with prostate cancer,” says a spokesperson. “By sharing our own experiences with cancer we lift our spirits and strengthen our resolve to fight for quality of life and a cure.”

Learn The Latest Facts

Regular monthly meetings feature prominent specialists within the healthcare field who share their knowledge with the group. Recent speakers included Dr. Lin Yang, an epidemiologist from the University of Calgary. At PROSTAID Calgary’s recent February meeting, Dr. Yang spoke about tai chi and the role of energy balance in cancer prevention and survivorship.

Along with regular general meetings, the organization also hosts meetings for PROSTAID Calgary members and those who have an interest in the management of advanced prostate cancer, as well as a support group for wives and caregivers.

Attend In-Person Or Online

PROSTAID Calgary’s monthly online newsletter, the Digital Examiner, is available without charge and is designed to keep you up to date with the latest news and breakthroughs surrounding prostate cancer, while also sharing local and international initiatives through links, videos, and personal stories.

Monthly support meetings take place at the CKE Community Centre in Calgary. Although the meeting is held in person, optional online attendance is also possible through Zoom.

Get connected to a vibrant cancer support group through the monthly PROSTAID Calgary events!

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