Buy Pre-Owned Luxury Family Cars Akron: 7-Day Return Policy On Mercedes Models

Jul 20, 2023

Treat your family to some of the latest technologies from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Land Rover when you purchase a high-quality pre-owned vehicle from Akron-based Perfect Auto Collection.

Prestige family vehicles offer unrivalled comfort, features, and fuel efficiency. Purchasing pre-owned gives you access to world-class luxury for a much more attractive price.

Akron-based Perfect Auto Collection hand curates some of the finest pre-owned prestige examples in the US, and they can deliver your new vehicle right to your doorstep.

The extensive inventory now includes several models from the ever-popular BMW range, such as a beautiful 2023 X5 M Competition and a 2021 BMW X7 Alpina XB7. If you’re more in the Mercedes camp, you can also choose from a 2021 CLS 53 AMG, a 2021 C-Class C 63 AMG, or a 2016 GLE 63 AMG.

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You can view any of Perfect Auto Collection’s vehicles in their climate-controlled showroom in Akron, with virtual tours also available if you’re an out-of-state buyer. The firm uses an extensive nationwide logistics network, so they can deliver your new vehicle right to your doorstep.

Most recent luxury car models will include advanced technology and superior fuel economy. As a result of the significant depreciation that’s usually seen with prestige cars, you can almost always acquire a pre-owned family sedan or SUV for considerably less than the price of purchasing new.

Perfect Auto Collection understands the reservations that you might have with purchasing a pre-owned car, which is why the firm offers full CarFax™ reports across its latest inventory. A variety of extended warranty agreements are also available, and the company’s return policy reflects the confidence it has in each and every vehicle.

“Our climate-controlled 35,000 sq ft indoor showroom located in Akron, Ohio, is the perfect place to preserve and showcase our ever-growing collection of sports and exotic vehicles,” a company representative explained. “Whether it’s unparalleled European opulence, unmistakable Italian design, or ruthless American muscle, our selection of pre-owned vehicles can convey your personality as loud or discretely as you desire.”

About Perfect Auto Collection

First established as a prestige vehicle wholesaler, Perfect Auto Collection transitioned to a direct-to-consumer business model in 2019. The team has extensive experience in the acquisition and management of high-end vehicles and now works under the company motto “Driven By Distinction.”

“We recently bought a car through Perfect Auto Collection, and they were absolutely the best to work with,” one client recently stated. “There was a small crack that bothered me, and they called the Mercedes dealership to order a part and perfect the car. Our new car is a hidden gem, and we couldn’t be more happy. Perfect Auto is easily a 5-star dealership.”

Get some of the most advanced features for a fraction of the price when you purchase a prestige family vehicle from Perfect Auto Collection.

See the full inventory today. Check out so you can learn more.

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