Buy Made To Order Double Monk Chukka Boots In Painted Grey Diamond Leather

Feb 6, 2023

Robert August has a new men’s shoe called the Double Monk Chukka boot, which is going to change the men’s luxury fashion footwear game.

Buy Made To Order Double Monk Chukka Boots In Painted Grey Diamond Leather

With a pair of Double Monk Chukka boots from Robert August, you’ll be doubly fashionable.

Robert August now has three distinct new styles of this unique boot, which fuses the bold style of the double monk, or double buckle shoe, with the understated look of the Chukka boot, which has long been popular for its slim profile and comfortable ankle height. You’ll appreciate that all of Robert August’s new Double Monk Chukkas have been handmade in their artisan workshop in Almansa, Spain.

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Robert August has long established themselves as one of the most trusted names in luxury, made-to-order European footwear, including for classic Chelsea and Jodhpur boots, and now they are proud to be at the forefront of new design styles. Robert August understands that, as a modern man, you are no doubt looking for a statement shoe that can set you apart from the pack in both social and professional contexts, and this has been their leading inspiration for their new collection of Double Monk Chukka boots.

One popular pair in their new collection is their The Elm Street Double Monk Chukka Boot No. 8119. You can now opt to order this boot in dark brown box calf leather, with a dark red hand-painted leather sole, accent gold buckles and a traditional rounded English toe.

Alternately, you can now buy Robert August’s new The Elm Street Double Monk Chukka Boot No. 8141. This distinctly contemporary new boot is made from grey diamond print painted calf leather and features masculine graphite buckles and a contrasting black Dainite rubber sole.

As Robert August handcrafts their footwear on a made-to-order basis, you can purchase these new Double Monk Chukka boots as is, or you can customize them.

If you select this option, you will be able to personalize the color of the upper, sole and buckle of your new boot. You will now also be able to select from different finishes, like their new diamond print or artisan hand patina. You can also change the material of the sole and the toe shape.

Robert August ships their shoes directly from their boutique workshop in Spain to your door for free.

A spokesperson for the luxury men’s shoemakers said, “No two pairs of Robert August boots are alike-each is handcrafted with precision and care in our workshop in Almansa, Spain. With centuries of artisan shoemaking tradition dating back to the early 18th century, our shoes are renowned for their chic style and unrivaled quality.”

If you’re ready to set the trend in men’s boots this year, buy yourself a pair of Double Monk Chukka boots from Robert August.

Visit to design your own totally stylish custom pair of Double Monk Chukkas.

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