Buy A Cleansing Soap, Essential Oil-Infused Spiritual Beauty Bar For Good Luck

Sep 30, 2022

If you’re big on manifestations and looking for spiritually charged products to help you channel your intentions – Parlour of Wonders’ variety of herbal spell soaps are exactly what you need.

Buy A Cleansing Soap, Essential Oil-Infused Spiritual Beauty Bar For Good Luck

Do you want to attract good luck, money, and love, or ward off negative energy? Harmonize your spiritual and physical energies and manifest your desires with Parlour of Wonders’ cleansing bars.

They contain a unique blend of potent herbal ingredients, minerals, and essential oils using an organic, skin-softening shea butter base. They are handcrafted via cold-process soapmaking and are imbued with spiritual and wellness intentions to help you feel spiritually purified.

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The release of these natural fragrant skin-softening cleansing bars coincides with shifting consumer preference towards organic and clean-label products in North America. More than just being a substitute for hardened fats like animal-derived fats in personal care products, shea butter is rich in naturally occurring vitamins A, F, and E, which makes it an excellent emollient for protecting, moisturizing, healing, soothing, and strengthening your skin.

With these properties in mind, Parlour of Wonders formulated its extensive range of cleansing bars, blending them with luxurious, quality, and authentic botanicals that attenuate the anti-oxidation, pore reduction, and moisturizing properties of the base.

The spiritually activated cleansing bars come in unique blends to fit almost every need. You can incorporate them into your daily self-care routine and manifestation rituals. Parlour of Wonders’ cleansing bars have been handcrafted with distinct spiritual purposes in mind.

For example, the store’s Van Van Cleansing Soap is formulated to help you remove negativity of any kind from your life, featuring a sweet lemony scent. Another addition to the collection is the Queen of Sheba - Attraction Soap, which draws on the woodsy scent of oak moss mixed with a bit of vanilla, amber, and citrus notes to enable you to attract the positive attention of others.

About Parlour of Wonders

Parlour of Wonders is a Los Angeles-based online boutique for spiritual wellness products, like candles, runes, essential oil, and bath powders.

A company spokesperson said: “A spiritual soap is a blessed soap with special herbal ingredients to help you cleanse yourself and the energy of your home. A good spiritual soap will include herbs, oils, and natural ingredients that help you expel anything attached to you that is not positive. We handcraft these cleansing bars in our studio and ships across the United States and Canada.”

Cleanse your aura of all negativity with these floral-scented, long-lasting organic spell soaps from Parlour of Wonders.

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