Build Healthy Habits & Reduce Your Stress With This Mental Health Lifestyle Quiz

Nov 24, 2021

Do you find yourself making lofty promises and setting goals that you just don’t keep? Can’t understand why your motivation falters? Then take the new habit quiz from Wellness Coach Ada Joe to see how you can improve!

We’ve all been there: New Year’s Day, resolutions made and pumped to get going on our brand new lifestyle. Then, a week later, we’re back on the couch, our promises forgotten. But it doesn’t have to happen that way! Make 2022 your year to build healthy habits and better routines, with Wellness Coach Ada Joe!

Her latest announcement provides you with a simple tool to identify your good and bad behavioral traits as a first step towards creating better, healthier habits and improved motivation for change.

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Ada Joe’s recently released quiz assesses poor habits by asking you questions about your motivation, how easy it is to keep your New Year’s resolutions, and questions about your biggest challenges to building better routines.

Previously a medical practitioner, Ada Joe was set on her journey to mental wellness after she became a caregiver to a family member. As her life grew more intense and finding time for herself became difficult, a colleague suggested she speak to a Wellness Coach, and from then on, Ada knew that she could help others in the same way. To fill the gap in the current health system, and provide the guidance so many people need to make real, sustainable lifestyle changes.

As an experienced Wellness Coach, Ada Joe can help you to set achievable goals, providing support and guidance to get you on track to better physical and mental health using her unique holistic approach. Her six-week Stress Reduction Workshop provides skills and mindset training to help you understand your stress and manage it effectively, through the use of healthy habits and the Tiny Habits technique.

The Tiny Habits approach begins with the Habit Quiz and an understanding that you shouldn’t judge yourself too harshly for failing. By acknowledging that your aspirations and your behaviors are not the same and that relying on motivation to achieve your goals is rarely successful, you can begin to understand where you’ve fallen down in the past.

Ada Joe helps you to build better habits by working to incorporate them into your existing routine, and making the new habits ‘tiny’. The technique also encourages you to celebrate your small achievements, immediately after your new habit has been carried out. This helps your habits to take root over time, to create long-term, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

With the latest announcement, Ada Joe continues to offer valuable tools and techniques to set you on a journey to sustainable mental and physical wellness, through the use of a tried and tested approach.

Ada Joe is the Habit Design and Wellness Coach you can rely on for the tools and guidance you need to get started on your goals and build a healthier lifestyle, one step at a time!

Ready to learn more? Visit to take the quiz!

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