Brooklyn Interstate Moving: Box-Labeling Tips For Apartments Without Elevators

Aug 9, 2023

Are you moving out of an apartment with no elevator? Want to know the best box-labeling methods so you can bust a move without busting those boxes – or your mind?’s new guide on just that subject is the answer to your prayers.

Ever have something like this happen to you? It’s moving day, you’ve laid down the last bit of packaging tape on the last box, and suddenly you realize you do need a little bit more tape from that extra roll. But which box did you put it in? No idea. So, you get to work unsealing and searching…

Before you know it, the state of those boxes reflects the state of your mind - totally chaotic, contents scattered everywhere, and no way of knowing how to put everything back in its place, because nothing was labeled.

Don’t let that happen to you.’s guide will help you avoid that pitfall. It covers every aspect of box labeling for moving, including the right time to start labeling, the most common labels, how to purchase good-quality markers and the best way to label boxes using colors.

Read the full guide at’s tips will make your move much more organized and easier for everyone involved! Of course, moving boxes downstairs is harder than moving them with an elevator, and fatigue can increase your chances of getting disorganized; however, if you properly label your boxes, you can lessen that possibility.

If you're moving out of an elevator-less apartment in a busy urban area, labeling your boxes at the last minute will only make the process more stressful. Instead, you should label your boxes immediately after packing and sealing them. Then you know you probably won't be changing the contents, so you won’t have to change the label, and the exact contents are still fresh in your mind, so you can label the box accurately.

If you're taking boxes out of an apartment on the second story or higher without the convenience of an elevator, you should be especially careful to pack your delicate, fragile items in sturdy boxes with clear labels. For these boxes, good-quality markers with bold, smudge-free, water-proof ink will come in handy, the moving expert says., a veteran player in the moving industry since 1994, has supported more than 6 million movers to date. The platform credits its longevity to thorough industry research, state-of-the-art technology, and precise attention to the latest relocation trends.

Their website features an extensive array of moving guides, over 150 how-to videos, and a weekly updated blog offering expert practical advice and cutting-edge industry insights. is dedicated to serving movers nationwide with an excellent network of companies and copious, accessible guidance.

“For 25 years, has ensured that every mover in our network meets our high level of standards,” a company representative explained. “These professionals are licensed, insured, and eager to make your move as smooth-sailing as possible. And now, with our quotes service, it’s easier than ever to receive estimates based on your moving needs - free of charge.”

Ready to get started with box labeling or think you might need some extra help on the big day?

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