Brisbane Cinematographer Filmmaker Leverages Storytelling for Commercial Films

Aug 10, 2023

Jay Palmer, Brisbane filmmaker, announces that his professional cinematography services are now available to businesses of every size with a primary focus on storytelling and emotional connection.

Brisbane Cinematographer Filmmaker DOP Service Update

Jay Palmer, an award-winning Brisbane cinematographer filmmaker DOP, announces that his professional cinematography services are now available to small-, medium and large businesses.

The filmmaker is now making his services accessible to companies, brands, and individuals seeking high-quality cinematography. Jay Palmer has 10 years of industry experience and works closely with every client to ensure that the content he produces adheres to their brand image and vision.

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Palmer’s services are available for professional and commercial applications with a primary focus on storytelling and emotional connection. A portfolio of his film work is available on his website, which includes a range of productions for clients both local and international, and which may provide interested parties with an accurate sample of the type of cinematography he has become known for.

When asked if he had favorites among his projects, the filmmaker said, “My two favorite projects have been ‘Bee One Third - Just as Nature Intended’ and ‘Tailor Made in Brisbane’. Both projects would be categorised as ‘advertising’ and follow the day-to-day lives of people working with products that they love.”

He added, “I love working with real people telling authentic stories they’re passionate about. Their message is easily portrayed on screen and makes it easier for the audience to connect with them.”

Over the course of his career, Palmer has garnered a reputation for his quality of work and attention to detail. His decade of production experience has earned him a number of awards for cinematography as well as widespread recognition from clients and other industry professionals alike.

Palmer said, “To date I have won two cinematography awards. Winning awards are always a great feeling. But they do more than make you feel good. These awards have garnered me some recognition from clients and industry professionals, and also boosted my confidence in my own abilities. I think having that confidence allowed me to expand my creative freedom.”

Palmer is a highly practiced filmmaker, with a career spanning projects large and small. His varied experience, which has seen him partnering with everyone from local craftsmen and musicians, to universities and restaurants, has equipped him to handle requests of nearly any kind.

Jay is quoted as saying that he was always a visual person and fascinated with visual stories. “When I was in high-school I had my first experience with a video camera, and it ignited my passion.”

“I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Screen Production for three years at a local university. That definitely inspired me to pursue cinematography and directing. From there I tried to get on as many commercial sets as I could so I could watch professionals in the industry work within the industry. To this day I’m still actively learning new techniques to improve myself as a self-employed filmmaker.”

For Palmer, there wasn’t a clear ‘start’ as a freelancer. “When I graduated university, I started working at a small marketing agency and would help film content for their clients. After that, I started trying to get work experience on larger commercial sets and it snowballed from there.”

Over the course of his career, Palmer has created content for branded online works and social media campaigns. He endeavors to connect with clients on a personal level in order to determine the best creative approach to meet their unique needs and desires.

His filmmaking services are available now for all clients, both local and international. Interested parties can contact him through the form on his website at the link below to discuss potential projects or to explore other collaborative opportunities.

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