Filmmaking in Brisbane: Jay Palmer’s Directing Services Just Went Next-Level

Apr 9, 2024

Brisbane Filmmaker Jay Palmer aims to elevate his art by focusing on innovative storytelling techniques and incorporating cutting-edge technology. He aspires to craft films and commercials that leave a lasting impact. Learn more or wishing to connect, visit his website at

In the world of videography and film direction, filmmaker Jay Palmer reflects on a fruitful 2023. Last year, Jay embarked on collaborations with several new agencies, brands, and clients, highlighting a significant project with Wahl, the renowned grooming company. This venture emerged as Jay's largest directing role, setting a new benchmark in his career. The successful completion of the project, thanks to the dedication of his team, has bolstered Jay's confidence in directing and cinematography, motivating him to aim for projects of similar or greater scale.

Moreover, Jay shared insights into a growing relationship with a corporate client who initially required minor editing tasks but has since entrusted Jay with more substantial filming projects. This evolving partnership began from a simple post-production job, which quickly transitioned into a collaborative effort for future video projects, leveraging the client's existing asset library to create new video content.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, Jay is set on elevating his filmmaking services. He aims to refine his visual style and explore new storytelling techniques to uniquely represent clients' concepts. To achieve this, Jay is curating a reference library of camera movements, focal lengths, lighting plans, and other techniques to enhance storytelling. A reocurring goal for Jay is to foster collaboration with new creative talents across various disciplines, believing that teamwork enhances the quality and outcome of projects.

Jay also expressed excitement about upcoming projects with new clients, although details remain confidential. His commitment to collaborative creativity and brainstorming with other professionals underscores his approach to filmmaking.

Beyond his professional aspirations, Jay is dedicated to giving back to the community by offering spec work to brands and businesses that resonate with his values. This initiative aims to provide these entities with a platform to amplify their online presence while allowing Jay to showcase his directing and cinematography skills creatively.

In terms of technological investments, Jay continues to enhance his equipment arsenal to improve shooting quality, thereby benefitting his clients both in terms of cost and video quality. He emphasizes efficiency in pre- and post-production processes, enabling quicker turnaround times for projects.

About Jay Palmer:

Jay Palmer is a leader in the realms of filmmaking, directing, videography, and cinematography. Known for his powerful storytelling and collaborative spirit, Jay has a proven track record of successful projects. Committed to continuous improvement, Jay Palmer remains a significant figure in the industry, ready to take on both Australian and international projects.

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