Brendale QLD Certified Caravan Storm Damage Repairer Issues Caravan Cover Investment & Storage Advisory

Jan 11, 2019

Brendale, QLD RV & caravan repair company CaravanXpress has announced its services as a certified insurance repairer for the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) for storm damage. The company offers repairs covering plumbing, electrical, heating, appliances, accessories, and other systems in RVs and caravans.

Brendale, QLD RV & caravan repair company CaravanXpress announced the availability of its storm damage repair services. The van sales and accessories company is a certified repair agent for RVs and caravans that have suffered structural, electrical, plumbing, or other forms of damage during the storm season.

More information about CaravanXpress is available at

The Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology reports that Queensland’s cyclone season usually lasts between the months of November and April. The city of Brisbane and the surrounding regions experience storm weather between October and March, with strong winds, rainfall, and potential flooding that pose a risk to outdoor vehicles such as RVs and caravans.

CaravanXpress operates a team of qualified and certified auto electricians, fitters, plumbing and repair professionals to perform repair on caravans that have suffered moderate to severe storm damage. The company is an approved insurance repairer of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ). The company is an insurance repair provider under QBE, Suncorp, the National Roads and Motorists’ Association, and KenTame.

The company has issued a customer advisory to invest in high-quality caravan covers to protect the body of the van from flying debris and wind damage. CaravanXpress also recommends the safe storage of a caravan at secure facilities during the storm season and avoiding parking near trees or unsecured items.

The Moreton Bay Region RV repair company provides installation and repair services covering water tanks, plumbing, heating, solar systems, mounting systems, vehicle trays, canopies, bull bars, toolboxes, awnings, driving lights, and other accessories. CaravanXpress is a supplier of all major brands of caravan and RV accessories, appliances, and systems including television antennas, air conditioners, refrigerators, cameras, power systems, and auto parts.

According to a spokesperson for the Brendale, QLD certified caravan storm damage repairer, “We recommend that caravan and RV owners protect their vehicles from the devastating effects of our severe storm season. In the event of any storm damage, as certified insurance repairers, we have the expertise, tools, parts, and resources required to repair and restore all makes of caravans.”

CaravanXpress is headquartered in the suburb of Brendale, north of Brisbane and serves the community in and around the Moreton Bay Region. More information is available over the phone at 07-5495-6222 and at the URL above.

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