Breathe Easy Essential Oil Recipe: Best Congestion Remedy For Blocked Airways

Mar 4, 2024

Tired of your stuffed nose making it hard to breathe? If you don’t want to try medicine, essential oils might be the best way to relieve your breathing – read this Loving Essential Oils piece to learn more!

Breathe Easy With Essential Oils!

Aromatherapy has the power to fill your home with fragrances, but if you’re dealing with congestion, it might be hard to enjoy them. That’s why you need oil blends that can clear your airways and ease your breathing. Loving Essential Oils offers exactly that - try its Breathe Easy blend today!

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Penned by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane, this piece names diffuser blends as ideal solutions for those with breathing issues.

Jennifer reveals some of the most effective essential oil types known for their respiratory benefits. Crucially, she also offers DIY recipe guidance to help you create the listed blends at home!

As described by Loving Essential Oils, breathing issues can form a vicious cycle where sufferers experience worsening respiratory problems due to stress and poor sleep. Its aromatherapy report points to essential oils as an all-natural remedy when used wisely, preventing reliance on pharmaceuticals. 

“One great option is peppermint oil which can help to open up your airways and clear the nasal passage,” suggests Jennifer Lane. “Another popular option is eucalyptus oil. Try these two essential oils in a diffuser blend to create an aromatic experience that can assist you to breathe easier.” 

No more mucus!

The combined properties of peppermint and eucalyptus oils are seen as vital in the effectiveness of Jennifer’s “Breathe Easy” blend. In her article, you’ll learn about their mutual ability to clear mucus buildup - heightened by their pairing as part of a diffuser blend.

Loving Essential Oils also notes that these specific oils are associated with uplifting effects while stimulating your mental concentration as additional perks. Whether applied topically or inhaled, you can harness the ongoing power of a “Breathe Easy” blend even beyond clearing up your sinus and respiratory issues.

The aromatherapy blog is becoming increasingly known for its listed recipes, serving as an informative platform for essential oils beginners and enthusiasts. Its latest piece provides simple steps you can follow to make Jennifer Lane’s “Breathe Easy” mix alongside a child-friendly alternative for usage with diffuser equipment.

Jennifer continues: “Whether it is for allergies, congestion, stress, or just to improve overall air quality, essential oil blends are a great way to help us breathe more easily.”

Don’t miss out on the amazing effects of essential oils…

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