Book The Best Alternative to Photo Booths For Your NYC Wedding With Haiku Poetry

Jun 30, 2022

Looking for something different and exciting for your guests? Want to give them a gift to commemorate the occasion? Book Haikuists, New York’s top typewriter poets, for unique entertainment that doubles as a party favor!

Book The Best Alternative to Photo Booths For Your NYC Wedding With Haiku Poetry

This events entertainment company provides every guest with a homemade wedding favor: a completely original, personalized haiku. By booking two haikuists for your celebration, each equipped with a vintage manual typewriter, you can guarantee a classy, Gatsby-esque ambience for a truly memorable day.

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Available for events across New York, Haikuists aim to provide a unique and engaging alternative to the run-of-the-mill photo booth usually seen at weddings. Given just a small piece of personal information or a completely random topic, with no restrictions on subject matter, these super-poets compose guests their very own haiku in just a minute or two. They also dress to impress, adding to their glamourous old Hollywood aura.

The haiku is a form of short Japanese poem, comprising three phrases with a total of 17 syllables. Haiku-writing often evokes a strong sense of nostalgia, as many first learned of haiku during childhood. Haikuists have developed this popular hobby into a personalized wedding entertainment service, allowing all of your friends and family to take home a treasured souvenir that will likely stay framed on their mantelpieces for years to come.

Haiku is enjoyable for everyone of any age. The more outrageous the content, the more weird and wonderful the haiku! Whether it has you crying with laughter or embracing your loved ones, it is guaranteed to become a sentimental keepsake. Every haiku comes on craft paper and will have Haikuists' logo along with a message or symbol of the bride and groom's choosing on the back of each card.

Founded ten years ago, the company now has over thirty poets who work hundreds events annually across a dozen U.S. cities--and counting. Haikuists also performs at corporate events, parties and festivals, with former clients including Google, Airbnb and Facebook.

Call Haikuists today at 213-633-7380 for an innovative entertainment package that will elevate your wedding plans to a new level! Visit for further information.

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