Book Grafton, MA Bioresonance Hair Analysis Lab Testing For Nutritional Guidance

Nov 6, 2023

Uncover the secrets behind your poor health – Poe Holistic Health offers bioresonance hair analysis with the aim of discovering any nutritional imbalances and other elements that may be causing your discomfort. Ready to visit from Grafton? Call +1-508-388-2853 to learn more!

Are you sick without knowing why? Is the source of your discomfort a mystery? Dr. Kristen Poe can help. She aims to determine environmental aversions or nutritional deficiencies that have gone unnoticed - simply by analyzing your hair samples.

Poe Holistic Health is here to improve local access to alternative medicinal routes that might provide answers to health complaints. Bioresonance hair analysis involves the careful examination of your hair with the intent of discovering nutritional imbalances and other signs that you may need to alter your lifestyle.

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As a holistic health consultant, Dr. Kristen Poe is ready to help support the general wellbeing of Worcester and Boston-area community members. Dr. Poe carries out lab testing procedures at her local office, offering you an opportunity to ascertain your potential intolerance to certain environmental factors as well as your nutritional needs.

Specifically, the tests seek to uncover your sensitivity to particular foods while finding indications of vitamin or mineral deficiencies. They can also demonstrate the negative effects that pollen, dust, or other airborne contaminants might be having on your health - with Poe Holistic Health offering you a targeted plan in response.

“You will receive a detailed and comprehensive report of your personal health,” says an office representative. “Together, we will tailor a holistic health protocol to support it.” 

If you’ve been unable to determine the cause of your physical discomfort through traditional tests, Poe Holistic Health is here for you. In addition, the office describes hair testing as offering appropriate results from which you can draw insights on your nutrition and lifestyle. 

Using the findings given by Poe Holistic Health, says the office, you can work with Dr. Poe to design longstanding routines that are conducive to healthier living.

Bioresonance hair analysis testing is part of an array of alternative medicine solutions offered at Poe Holistic Health. Dr. Poe points to her purification and cleansing plans among other illness and lifestyle management regimens in pursuit of better health and wellbeing for clients like you.  

On the subject, Dr. Kristen Poe remarked: “I love running these labs because it really gives people a detailed and personalized look into their health and wellness from a perspective that is rarely looked at. I would love to be able to support you and help you find a solution that is right for you and your lifestyle.”

Poe Holistic Health advises that its therapies and consultations be followed in tandem with the advice of primary care physicians for optimal results. You can book your appointment for hair testing and other services via the office’s official website.

Is the puzzle of your illness getting too much to bear? The answer may be found in your hair…

If you’re in or around Grafton, visit to learn more about Poe Holistic Health!

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