Boca Raton Stock Broker Fraud Attorney Helps Victims Of Unauthorized Trades

Aug 1, 2023

So, your portfolio is down, and you suspect that your broker is responsible for it. But how can you be sure? Talk to the Soreide Law Group and find out if you’ve fallen victim to broker fraud.

They say that the saddest thing about a betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.

This is how all victims of broker fraud feel because every stock broker scam is pulled by someone posing as an advisor who appeared to care genuinely about the victim’s financial future.

Owing to the nature of this type of fraud, seniors are the most likely to be victimized, which is why the Soreide Law Group is on a massive expansion and informational campaign in an effort to aid as many fraud victims as possible.

Its latest focus area is Boca Raton, so if you’re a resident or living nearby and suspect that your recent losses have been caused by your broker, give the team a ring.

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Stock broker fraud refers to deceptive or illegal practices committed by stockbrokers, financial advisors, or brokerage firms. These fraudulent activities are devised to mainly benefit the broker or firm at the expense of investors—like yourself.

One of the most common types of broker fraud is misrepresentation, which involves the broker making false claims about a particular stock or investment product. Another common fraud type is unauthorized trading, where brokers purchase or sell a security without a client’s green light.

According to—the SEC’s online portal—seniors are the preferred targets of fraudulent brokers, as they are particularly vulnerable to common scam tactics like false bonds of friendship. Because—let’s face it—like the devil, these fraudsters are going to act like an angel while they’re smooth-talking their way to your wallet.

“A quarter of Boca Raton’s 100,000-person population is over 65, and this growing demographic is at the crosshairs of unscrupulous brokers who are always on the hunt for their next big score,” the Soreide Law Group said.

In anticipation of the need for victim representation, the firm has decided to introduce its services to the city, which centers around FINRA arbitration. This process involves foregoing the trial in favor of arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA. According to the Soreide Law Group, disputes brought before this self-regulatory body are resolved faster than litigation, and the decisions are final and binding.

Why trust the Soreide Law Group, you ask?

Well, one quality that sets the Soreide Law Group apart is that its lawyers have worked at FINRA, which gave them an in-depth understanding of arbitration processes and the applicable security laws that can be leveraged in your unique situation.

And get this: 90% of cases handled by the firm have resulted in recovery. So why take a chance with other law firms that don’t have the same success rate?

“At our firm, you will not deal with paralegals or people claiming to be FINRA consultants, you will only work with securities lawyers with years of experience in arbitration,” the firm’s spokesperson added.

If you think you’re the victim of stock market fraud, you don’t have to write off your losses. Give the Soreide Law Group a shot at facing your broker before FINRA!

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