Bill Savings Tool For Non-Profits Reduce Expenses & Optimizes Fund Management

Mar 20, 2024

There’s no greater scrutiny placed on organizational spending than within the non-profit sector. Recession Resister’s Bill Savings tool provides you with actionable insights into inflated utility rates and mistaken overpayments, and gets you refunded.

If you're in charge of budgeting for a non-profit, you know competition for government funding, corporate donations, and other stakeholder support is growing. This means creating ever more compelling proposals and grant applications that among other things, demonstrate streamlined cost-efficiencies.

While you might think you've cut back as much as possible on overhead expenditures, it's possible you're paying too much for your utilities. Embedded coding errors, fees, and transposed numbers happen all the time, and normally go unnoticed. Recession Resister's Bill Saving tool was designed to identify billing errors, and get all overpayments refunded. Give it a try at


Recession Resister's Bill Saving tool is intended to help you optimize funds management by minimizing your overhead costs. By automatically uncovering utility bill overcharges dating back years, Recession Resister shows you where invoicing errors have led to ongoing overpayments, which they can reverse and have refunded back to you.

The company keeps your utility, telecom, and other expenses at their lowest and can automatically switch your organization to a more cost-efficient energy provider without interfering with the services you're receiving.

Here's how a spokesperson for Recession Resister explains it:

“Operating expenses are one of the top draws on funds that non-profits must manage. We show you where you're overpaying for utilities, and we have those costs corrected and refunded. We also connect you with the most cost-efficient providers so you can submit competitive cost breakdowns when applying for grants, and can maintain a cost-efficient organization that puts your funds to their best use.”


Recession Resister’s Bill Saver tool is a smart tech-enabled service.

It analyzes your electricity, gas, telecom, water, sewer, and trash management costs for mistakes. This means ensuring billing codes, charges, tariffs and meter reads are correct and that you're not paying any hidden fees or unnecessary minimum charges.

When these errors are identified and refunded, it not only lowers your monthly expenses, but it can also give your budget a significant and unexpected cash injection.

Similar auditing services are applied to all services under the telecommunications umbrella. Recession Resister removes redundancies and corrects errors. Their team of negotiators keep close tabs on industry rates and changes to offer insightful cost and feature package evaluations and service consolidations wherever possible.


In addition to bill auditing, rate reductions, and energy-switching services, your non-profit can also benefit from Recession Resister's eco-friendly energy conservation program that lowers consumption and costs associated with your HVAC system, and any onsite cooler or freezer equipment you're using.

Is it time to let Bill Saver technology do what it does best? Keep your non-profit's utility costs at their minimum and take back your overpayments with help from Recession Resister. Connect now, at

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