Big Spring Best Nursery Offers Kitchen Garden Landscaping for Edible Garden

Apr 16, 2024

As more Americans are concerned about rising grocery costs and declining quality in store-bought produce, Johansen Landscape & Nursery (432-267-5275) in Big Spring wants to help its community become more self-sufficient.

Kitchen Garden Design by Landscaping Experts in Big Spring

Would you like to gain more control over what food you eat but don't want your garden to look like a scrappy farm? Johansen Landscape & Nursery can help you design a kitchen garden, just as beautiful as functional!

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As summer is fast approaching, you, like many others in Big Spring, are looking forward to getting some more fruit trees and vegetables growing this year. Johansen Landscape & Nursery has a large stock of edible plants and offers expert landscape design services to give you the edible garden of your dreams, whether it's a few raised beds or a bigger project.

Self-Sufficient in Style

With concerns for food security, nutrition, and the rising cost of living, Johansen Landscape & Nursery has noticed an increasing interest in growing food among its customers. By providing its landscaping services for edible gardens, the nursery wants to help you and other Big Spring residents become more self-sufficient.

"When your yard is looking a little scraggly compared to other yards in your neighborhood, a Johansen landscaper can whip it into tip-top shape," a spokesperson for the company said. "At Johansen Landscape & Nursery, we're dedicated to your satisfaction with our services."

Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

According to an article by Harvard Health, backyard kitchen gardens have many benefits, including being able to harvest fresh vegetables and fruits when ripe and providing you with more nutritious food than store-bought produce. Additionally, it allows you to gain control over what type of fertilizers and pesticides your food comes in contact with.

Edible Landscaping to Suit Your LifeĀ 

Johansen Landscape & Nursery can help you plan out a garden based on space and time you have to spare, as well as how much self-sufficiency you want to achieve. For example, a potager with raised beds and automatic irrigation could be an effortless small-scale solution. If you want a bigger project, you can request a sketch of where to plant fruit trees, berry shrubs, and vegetables to become part of their garden.

A satisfied customer shared a testimonial: "Oh, how I love this place and these people! They went above and beyond helping us plan out the landscaping for our new home. They are knowledgeable, especially when it comes to what will and won't grow here in West Texas, and friendly."

About Johansen Landscape & Nursery

With over 45 years of experience, the nursery also offers xeriscape, hardscaping, lighting, and general landscaping design, as well as custom irrigation systems and maintenance services to Big Spring homes.

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