Grow Vegetables & Fruit In Your Spring Garden With Professional Nursery Tips!

Feb 20, 2024

Ready to get started on your veggie garden or orchard? Johansen Landscape & Nursery (432-267-5275) provides bedding plants and fruit trees alongside professional gardening advice and landscaping services.

You've always loved having your hands in the dirt - and with the cost of food rising so fast, growing your own veggies and fruit at home is a pretty awesome idea! The expert team at Johansen Landscaping & Nursery has everything you need to get your home garden set up.

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They'll give you professional support if you're wanting to create a sustainable garden this spring for greater self-reliance and more nutritious produce.

At a time when a growing number of Texans are looking to reduce food bills and bring more nutrients into their diets, the nursery offers a large number of edible bedding plants and fruit trees, as well as seeds.

Grow Your Own Food

A recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows that home gardens play an important role in global sustainable development, as they serve to strengthen local ecologies while providing diversification and an affordable, natural, nutrient-rich source of food for your family. With the wide range of gardening and landscaping services available from the team at Johansen Landscape & Nursery, you can find everything you need to get started.

“We offer everything you need to beautify your property, flowers, shrubs, trees, and more,” says a spokesperson. “We specialize in plants, trees, and shrubs that are proven to thrive in our West Texas climate. All our plants and trees are grown on site and are guaranteed to be healthy and strong.”

Get Expert Advice

You can find bedding plants and seeds for a wide range of vegetables and fruits, and the team of professional landscapers is on hand to offer advice and expertise. You'll also have a chance to purchase planters, fertilizers, and other necessary supplies.

In addition to gardening guidance, the company offers landscape design and construction solutions, utilizing the latest technology and collaborating closely with you to create beautiful, harmonious yards and customized landscapes for any type of outdoor space.

Enjoy Customized Service

They also offer hardscaping services, including patios, retaining walls, pathways, and decorative stonework, as well as professionally installed sprinklers and irrigation systems for your yard or garden.

Previous customers have positive reviews for Johansen Landscaping & Nursery. “This is absolutely the best nursery in town,” says Vennessia B. “When I have issues with my plants at home, I bring them and they will let me know what’s wrong, and how to treat it. I know I can count on them every time!”

Grow your own veggies this year with the expert help and supplies from Johansen Landscape & Nursery!

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