Best Soap-Free Cleaning Solutions: Top Quality Carpet Pre-Spray For Oil Stains

Aug 17, 2023

Choose a smarter way to clean with Plus Manufacturing, Inc.’s PROCYON eco-cleaning solutions! Make an order today!

They may have been designed to cleanse our carpets and sanitize our surfaces, but did you know that many common cleaning products are hazardous for human health and the environment?

From eye and nose irritations to lung damage and serious environmental harm, the dirty truth is that those soaps, sprays, and solvents, are really not so squeaky clean at all.

But, that doesn’t mean you need to hang up your Marigolds just yet. You can still get a powerful, gleaming, and bright clean without harmful chemicals, shifty soap suds, and other toxic nasties!

At Plus Manufacturing, Inc. you can get a wide range of highly efficient, eco-friendly PROCYON cleaning products for homes, businesses, and schools!

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Described as ‘one of the safest on the market today’, the brand’s cleaners are odor-free, non-toxic, and made from all-natural ingredients.

In Plus Manufacturing, Inc.’s online store, you can find green cleaning solutions that leave carpets and upholstery softer and brighter without causing rapid re-soiling.

Many traditional carpet cleaners leave soap particles behind, creating a film that attracts dirt and dust. In contrast, PROCYON utilizes gentle water softeners and degreasers to emulsify contaminants. In addition, if left unrinsed, the product crystalizes and can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, therefore no soapy, sticky residue is produced.

For spills and stains on carpets and soft furniture, you can use the store’s Soap-Free Spot & Stain Remover. This product can be sprayed and blotted directly onto stains to gently extract dirt without causing damage to material fibers.

To loosen dirt before shampooing, Plus Manufacturing, Inc. provides an Extreme Carpet Pre-Spray. With a cleaning pH of 10 and a dry pH of 6.5, the spray is safe for sensitive environments, children, and pets.

Ground-in dirt can be eliminated with PROCYON Plus Powder - a formula powerful enough to remove road tar, shoe polish, and blood stains. Plus Manufacturing, Inc. recommends this as the best solution for high-traffic areas with grease and oils embedded into the carpet.

You can follow these treatments with the store’s Soap Free Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. With a formula that converts hard water to soft water, this solution is compatible with portable extractors and truck-mounted bypass systems.

Plus Manufacturing, Inc.’s cleaners for hard surfaces include fast-drying PROCYON Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser and Tile & Grout Cleaner. Home cleaning bundles are also available.

The store’s products carry Green Seal and WoolSafe certifications among many other accreditations. They are Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tested and widely used by people with asthma and allergies.

About Plus Manufacturing, Inc.

Plus Manufacturing, Inc. has provided environmentally safer cleaning products for nearly 40 years. Based in Washington, the company serves customers throughout the USA.

A spokesperson for the company said: “PROCYON’s commitment to the cleaning industry is to lessen the impact of toxic chemicals on the environment and our customer’s health.”

For the safest and most effective eco-cleaners you need, order from Plus Manufacturing, Inc. today!

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