Best San Antonio Injury Lawyer Represents Victims In DUI Rideshare Crash Cases

Oct 2, 2023

If you’ve been hurt by a drunk rideshare driver, you deserve justice. Reyna Law Firm can see that you get it – along with fitting compensation for your injuries. Call its San Antonio office at +1-210-360-9979 today.

Whether rideshare drivers were heading home or taking you to your destination, they had a duty to drive with care. Driving while drunk is a failure of that duty. Their actions have caused you harm, and Reyna Law Firm is here to respond.

There’s no reason accident victims shouldn’t have access to the reliable legal representatives they need after San Antonio traffic accidents. With its services, Reyna Law Firm focuses on cases involving rideshare platform drivers who’ve injured or even killed another by driving while drunk.

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Though such platforms ostensibly reduce DUI rates when utilized by impaired passengers, reports remain of rideshare drivers operating under the influence themselves. Doing so endangers their own lives as well as surrounding motorists on the road. Reyna Law Firm knows this, which is why it offers to assist crash victims like you as you take legal action against drunk drivers.

To help offset the damage you’ve sustained, whether to your vehicle, person, or both, the firm targets monetary compensation from liable drivers or their companies. In rideshare cases, this could be either; circumstances will dictate legal responsibility.

In order to establish liability, the firm’s services extend to case investigation, entailing the collection of evidence as preparation for settlement demands or court trials. By examining reports and interviewing witnesses, Reyna Law Firm looks to corroborate your claims while proving that the other driver was at fault in a legal context.

Its services also cover full case reviews with the intent of outlining the strategies you might follow in pursuit of the compensatory amounts you’re owed. Reyna Law Firm’s catastrophic injury specialist attorneys offer to help you navigate the complex damage claim process from the outset while guiding you across each step. 

Where these steps lead to discussions with insurance companies or legal battles in a Texas courtroom, Reyna Law Firm’s services include personal injury representation on your behalf. Its lawyers can handle proceedings on a remote or in-person basis, depending on your specific needs.

Reyna Law Firm brings its services to victims and families across Greater San Antonio. You can schedule a consultation preceding your damage claim whether you’re in the city proper or Bandera, Von Ormy, and beyond.

Take back control of your life after a disaster. 

Call Reyna Law Firm. It’s free to talk, and you won’t pay if you don’t win.

If you’re in or around San Antonio, go to for more info regarding Reyna Law Firm’s alcohol-impaired rideshare driver accident services.

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