Best New Summer Reading 2023: “The Summer Of Songbirds” Heartwarming Novel

Jul 5, 2023

Looking for something new to add to your summer reading list? Kristy Woodson Harvey’s new novel is releasing this July, and promises to be one of her best yet!

If your summer reading list is anything like mine, it's probably already got 100 books on it, and is always growing. However, there is always room for more, and if you'll indulge me, I have a suggestion that you might like to add to your list for July.

Kristy Woodson Harvey, author of the Peachtree Bluff series and a number of other great fiction novels, is back with a new title, "The Summer Of Songbirds". This book promises to take all the warmth, charm, and wit of her other books and amplify them to the max! Early reviews are calling it a soothing yet engaging read that is perfect for the train, for road trips, or for chilling by the pool. It has even been endorsed most recently by Emily Henry, who will be a familiar name to any fans of contemporary romance.

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The latest endorsement is one in a growing list of reviews by bestselling contemporary authors, a list which also includes names such as Susan Wiggs, Sonali Dev, and Nancy Thayer. These authors join other early reviewers in celebrating Woodson Harvey’s latest work as being among her best yet.

Specifically, Henry had this to say about the upcoming release: “The Summer of Songbirds is a warm, hopeful story of friendship, love, and second chances. Reading this book genuinely feels like sipping iced tea with your best friends on a hot summer day. Put this in your beach bag immediately.”

These endorsements come ahead of Kristy Woodson Harvey’s upcoming book launch tour, which kicks off on July 11th in Nantucket, MA. "The Summer Of Songbirds" will be available for purchase that same day, and if you are lucky enough to attend that or any of the other stops along the tour, you will have the opportunity to hear Harvey speak, sometimes alone or sometimes alongside other Southern fiction authors. You may even get to meet the author herself and get your copy signed!

Harvey’s new novel will follow a multi-generational tale of loss, friendship, and triumph in the face of adversity. Like her other works, the story showcases an emotionally complex situation while maintaining a warmth and hopefulness that pervades her entire bibliography. In this new novel, Harvey borrows and subverts common tropes from the Southern Fiction genre while telling a story that is uniquely her own, and deeply personal to her own life.

Specifically, the story revolves around the trials of a summer camp owner struggling to hold on to everything she has worked so hard to maintain. When some former campers, now grown and estranged from one another, hear of the growing troubles, they reunite to fight for the camp where they met and forged their life-long friendship.

Harvey is the master of the summer read, with novels to warm the soul and bring a hopeful Southern charm to any book list. Make sure to pre-order your copy of "The Summer Of Songbirds" today!

This book is Harvey’s 10th main release, and features an entirely new cast of characters. This novel will also be Harvey’s latest since the announcement of her screenwriting debut, which will see her seminal Peachtree Bluff series adapted to network television via NBC. More information on her tour, other projects, and this upcoming release are available on her website.

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