Read The Summer Of Songbirds By Kristy Woodson Harvey: Signed Copies Available

Feb 7, 2024

The Summer Of Songbirds is still the hottest title in women’s fiction, and if you haven’t read it, you’re missing out!

Attention Fiction Fanatics!

It may not be summer anymore, but where I am, the birds are still singing. That may be the migration, or it may be because they know that Kristy Woodson Harvey is still making waves after the release of her latest book, The Summer Of Songbirds. That's right, you heard me: I say without hyperbole that the birds are singing for her and only for her! Why, you might ask?

Because: The Summer Of Songbirds is a stunning feat of prosecraft, and should be celebrated, even four months out from its July release date! Evidently, I'm not alone in thinking so either, as the book continues to "fly" off the shelves, "perching" in the hearts and minds of readers everywhere!

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The release of The Summer Of Songbirds has been a career high for Harvey, garnering acclaim from outlets such as Good Morning America, the New York Times, and others. The new title is also among her best reviewed, sitting at an impressive 4.5 stars on Goodreads, and achieving a similar score on Amazon.

In this latest announcement, Harvey celebrates the widespread adoption of her work by book clubs across the country. She has also recently reopened her booking calendar, and is open to making appearances at these book clubs and other literary events in order to discuss her work and influences in person.

A Heartwarming Triumph

The novel itself, which sits around 360 pages in length, is a celebration in and of itself - of childhood, of friendship, of womanhood, and of the beauty of the American South.

Inspired by Harvey’s own experiences growing up in North Carolina, the book couples the author’s signature warmth with a melancholic nostalgia in a tale about meeting the challenges of adulthood while not losing track of one's childhood roots along the way.

The tale follows summer camp owner June Moore and three of the women who grew up going to the camp she has spent years building and maintaining. Now, in the face of financial and personal hardship, the future of the camp is called into question. Now, the three friends must test the limits of their lifelong friendship and balance their romantic interests, all while attempting to save the camp they all know and love.

Weaving a narrative that spans multiple timelines and touches on deep and complex themes, this is Harvey's most ambitious work yet. Don't miss it!

More About Kristy

While the nationwide book tour for this title is over, Kristy is still announcing new events on her website, and often takes the opportunity to meet her fans as she travels the country. She also makes regular appearances on the Friends Of Fiction podcast, an audio program dedicated to the discussion of women’s fiction, the craft of writing, and the state of the publishing industry.

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