Best Memorial Houston Family Dentists Offer Decayed Tooth Extraction Procedures

Feb 8, 2024

Don’t wait to treat your toothache – call Houston’s Dentist 101 at +1-713-773-1300 for the expert tooth extraction treatments you need near Memorial!

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Tooth decay can ruin your day unless it’s treated quickly and professionally. Dentist 101 is ready to assess your oral health, offering extractions and more for your unique case.

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As a Houston local, you now have access to much-needed emergency dental and orthodontic care. This practice provides treatments with a dual cosmetic and restorative focus. Whether you need dental removals, replacement crowns, fillings, or implants, you’re in luck.

Dentist 101’s options are geared toward finding resolutions to dental issues that require immediate attention, targeting pain relief and cosmetic improvements alike. Tooth extraction is one such treatment route offered by the practice - while root canals, denture fittings, and deep cleaning procedures are also provided for patients just like you.

The cure for common tooth decay…

According to the Houston dental practice, dental decay is a pressing concern that can lead to the development of severe infections. Research by The Journal of American Dental Association suggests that this problem is widespread across the nation - with data indicating that 20% of adults present with tooth decay in need of treatment. In many cases, Dentist 101 advises that extraction is essential.

“Teeth that are severely decayed or damaged from trauma may need to be removed,” explains an office representative. “A tooth may also be removed for orthodontic reasons to leave space for teeth that would otherwise be too crowded.”

As such, Dentist 101 cites the importance of watchful dental care for cases involving developing teeth. As a family-friendly practice, its staff is also able to help your children by assessing the position and progress of their growing teeth - with tooth extractions often serving as a cosmetic solution that corrects dental alignment.

The Houston practice’s complete procedure range includes hygienic maintenance treatments designed to combat recurring bad breath issues. By prioritizing deep cleaning and other methods, notes Dentist 101, you can also help prevent further tooth decay and complications arising from gum disease - making it a prudent choice for regular consideration.

Dentist 101 is equipped to provide you with multilingual consultations regarding its treatments in English, Spanish, or Chinese as needed. Its Houston branch is headed by Dr. Jessica Su, with her team bringing comprehensive dental and oral healthcare to your local-area community.

One recent patient said of their experience: “I visited Dentist 101 multiple times during the last two months doing a deep cleaning, a root canal, two crowns, one bridge and several fillings. Dr. Su and her assistants accomplished each item perfectly and made each of my visits enjoyable.”

Turn tooth decay A-OK!

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