Best Long-Lasting Double-Insulated Commercial Pass-Thru Windows For Restaurants

Jul 11, 2023

Transform the look of your restaurant and elevate your customers’ dining experience with a long-lasting double-insulated commercial pass-thru window with a full-bound sill from OpenUp Windows. Experts in gas strut awing windows, they offer durability, energy efficiency, and a seamless aesthetic.

Ever looked at a window and thought "you could be so much more..."

Well Ed Page did, and he went on to create a gas strut awning window with high design 2Fold Technology that is transforming restaurants everywhere.

If you own a walk-up cafe, a restaurant, or even a kiosk, now you can get a gas strut commercial pass-thru awning window with casing on all four sides to eliminate that pesky stool and apron for more streamlined access to your customers. The double insulation feature keeps your interiors cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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As demand for pass-thru windows continues to surge across the US and in Europe, OpenUp Windows remains committed to constant improvements. Their double-insulated commercial pass-thru windows with full-bound sills are built to last under rigorous commercial conditions.

“When you invest in a pass-thru window from OpenUp Windows, you’re investing in superior craftsmanship, longevity, and a sustainable, weather-proof product,” says a company spokesperson. “Our double insulated windows use tempered glass with Low-e coatings that reflect UV and IR rays without limiting the light that passes through.”

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As a company that prioritizes value and sustainability, pass-thru windows from OpenUp windows are made with Accoya wood sash and frame interiors, and custom extruded aluminum sash and frame exteriors.

The combination of these materials, known as 2Fold Technology was pioneered by company founder and chief engineer Ed Page. Together with double-insulated windowpanes, this design method is resistant to all weather conditions and is pest and termite-proof.

Ed brings over 40 years of door and window engineering and design expertise to OpenUp Windows to offer a bespoke residential and commercial product line.

Careful to address all pass-thru window considerations, his awning windows include replaceable gas struts at each jamb, both of which are fully concealed when your window is in the closed position. Stainless steel piano hinges secure the top, while a single operating lever is located conveniently at the base of the window for fluid locking, unlocking, and movement.

In addition to their exceptional craftsmanship, OpenUp Windows provides comprehensive installation guidance to ensure you're getting the very best results.

With a full-bound sill and double insulated glass, OpenUp Windows' pass-thru window model was built with commercial use in mind to provide you with the form and function you need to maximize business.

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