Best Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy For Addiction Recovery At Top Mesa Clinic

Feb 7, 2024

Overcoming addiction is a long, winding road, but you don’t have to walk it alone. Inner Alchemy Integrated Health ((480) 382-2565) in Mesa offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in a relaxing environment, with an expert, certified staff.

Completely leaving an addiction behind can take years, with the ever-looming threat of relapse triggering anxiety and exhaustion. But, ketamine-assisted therapy has been a faster, more effective option for many people.

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Inner Alchemy's ketamine-assisted psychotherapy has helped countless people let go of the cravings and memories that kept them chained to their addiction and it can do the same for you.

Ketamine & Addiction Recovery

As explained in a review of multiple clinical studies published by the National Library of Medicine, ketamine has been shown to prolong abstinence from heroin and alcohol in detoxified addicts and reduce cravings for cocaine.

It is believed that ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic drug, may enhance neuroplasticity and block the reconsolidation of drug-related memories, helping to reduce physical and psychological cravings.

Many of Inner Alchemy's patients who've found relief from ketamine-assisted psychotherapy had previously tried conventional addiction treatments without success.

Inner Alchemy Believes In You

At Inner Alchemy, you can receive ketamine-assisted psychotherapy administered by a credentialed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who approaches all treatments holistically. Using an integrative approach, the practice strives to put the power into your hands, encouraging you to reach into yourself to find the answers you need to grow stronger and healthier.

Inner Alchemy will provide you with comprehensive support throughout your ketamine-assisted treatment process, with detailed monitoring of your physical health and consistent access to a specialized team member for emotional and mental guidance.

At the clinic, ketamine-assisted therapy happens in a warm, home-like environment that includes cozy blankets, calming music, essential oil diffusion, elective ceremonial practices, and supportive conversation with an experienced guide.

You can choose to receive your ketamine doses intramuscularly, intravenously, orally, or nasally. However, Inner Alchemy's team believes intramuscular administration of the substance allows the nervous system to more fully relax, as you are not inhibited by being connected to an IV drip, making your experience as profound and comfortable as possible.

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About Inner Alchemy Integrated Health

Located in Mesa, AZ, Inner Alchemy Integrated Health is a locally owned and operated naturopathic health center dedicated to providing holistic healing. Along with its ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, the practice offers psychiatric assessments, integration therapy, medication management, and a full suite of naturopathic medical services. Inner Alchemy is currently working to expand its community-based programs to include art therapy, breathwork classes, full moon gatherings, and more.

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